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The poufs on ebay (• Morrocan Gift on eBay, $119.95 unstuffed) are really smelly. I bought one over a month ago and have tried everything to get rid of the smell: airing outide, baking soda, vinegar wash, fbreeze. I haven't been able to remove the smell and it is a sharp mildewy rancid smell so I have not been ablke to use it yet. Just an FYI

Playful & Practical Poufs
11/7/11 04:06 PM

Throwing my hat in the ring for TEXAS as well :)

The Daily Scavenger: Southern Edition
10/11/11 04:11 PM

Terribly jealous of your shelves!

Kelley's DIY Apartment
4/13/11 11:33 AM

I love that chair, just begging to be sunggled in with a book!

Emily & Chris' New Addition to the Home
House Call

2/16/11 03:48 PM