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Love. This. Post. I'm printing out this list so that next time I'm coveting a new sofa/paint color/granite that I can't afford, I can be reminded that its my privilege to call this imperfect house where I live with my hubby, 5 kids and our dog, "home".

5 Completely Free Ways to Make Your House a Home
9/13/11 09:37 PM

Love it! We do the same thing every summer, too. The kids love checking the items off before the back-to-school grind begins again. Should definitely try to keep great activities posted year round.

Keep Activities Front and Center
Good Idea

2/16/11 01:54 PM

My husband and I have 5 children (all in a 6 year time span) and we always chuckle a little at the moms w/ one or two kids w/ the big giant diaper bag for a trip to Target. My best advice? Stash everything in the car, refill on a regular basis, throw an extra diaper/wipe, pacifier, bottle in your pocketbook, and enjoy the ride. Will you have everything that you need EVERY SINGLE TIME? No, but you'll quickly realize that you can get by w/ alot less stuff and just enjoy the times w/ your kids.

Getting Out the Door With Two Kids
Good Questions

2/16/11 01:50 PM