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people with new construction homes,
stainless steel and granite kitchens,
Pergo floors and manicured lawns are the REAL crazies

There's Always One Crazy House On The Block
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6/10/11 06:30 PM

pretty sweet
if its in wmsberg its probably $5000 a month

Pete & James' Natural & Neon Loft
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4/14/11 12:19 PM

My first question
was going to be,
how cold is that place in the winter?
But I read "new concrete and radiant heat"

Doub's Free-Spirited in Fishtown
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4/13/11 12:31 PM

I purchased a poster from Miscellaneous Man,
Wonderful experience, great poster, had a great conversation with the Miscellaneous Man himself, One of the only poster and paper dealers that I have spoken to that still has authentic passion for the material.
The value in reproductions is that if the studio that does the work is good enough, if the reproductions are made from a high definition and high resolution capture of the original material someone can have an entire art collection for $5000 instead of $500,000.
Collecting valuable original art is for the upper tier of the American ruling class, high end reproductions are for people with jobs who like the imagery, who simply want to decorate and don't want a bad print of a low resolution jpeg from the web, its the way of the future.
and if it gets damaged it can be reprinted for you.

Best Sources for Vintage Posters

3/3/11 01:32 PM