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Guys - many thanks for all the comments and appreciation!

To the large number of you who wonder whether this is livable with long term - my visitors always remark on how much more comfortable and homey my apartment is in real life compared to the impression gained from pictures. So yes, it is very livable with (and I adore it!).

@missskitttin Um, I'm happy to say that my dating track record confirms quite the opposite :)

@coletta (rhymes with velveeta) I have considered that in the past, but it would involve wearing a brace for a year or so, and to be perfectly honest, it's never affected my life at all, nor has it in any way impeded my ability to date whom I want to, so...I'm going with what Nature intended me to have :)

And on the taxidermy front - I admit freely I'm a fan, and should just say also that all my stuffed animals/rugs are antique/extremely old and bought at junk shops and flea markets.

Thank you for posting, ApartmentTherapy!

Cindy Gallop

Black For Valentine's Day? Cindy Gallop's Black Apartment
2/14/11 06:06 PM