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Cog is a decent alternative, too.

Especially the nightly build I have been testing...

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2/17/11 03:03 PM

Hello, everyone!

I had a hard decision to make making the transition from the elegant MICKE, to the crappish, industrial-looking setup shown above.

But some of your comments are really not true.

First off, I found a grey-only drawer discount for €9 (!) instead of €25 on my local IKEA store, and I thought that it might fit somewhere in the house/room.

So, I simply exchanged the drawers. Not spray-painted them...

In terms of storage and utility, now. This is the best part of the desk.

Unfortunately the MICKE has two main disadvantages, for my needs at least.

There is no way to fit a normal, good-looking, matching drawer unit under it. It goes too loww with the integrated drawers, plus it is only ~50cm deep. In fact that cable management thing on the back goes all they way for like 13cm under that depth, so I had to find a drawer unit that would be 64cm(h) x whatever(w) x just 36cm(!)(d).

Now, why'd I need another HELMER? The MICKE drawers are too shallow. They might seem the same with a pair of HELMER one next to the other, but they are not.

Plus they are not that sturdy. HELMERS are always my choice for "heavy" duty stuff carrying. Enough with the cheap and non-functional MICKE drawers.

And you know what? That desk has such a bump, that it looks almost u-shaped if looked in a straight angle.

SO I came up with a less-elegant, more functional, with more storage room, sturdier and less spacious desk that finally fits my needs.

--- But I will always be willing to make changes, so maybe in a month or so, my workspace will look nothing like it looks now ;)

Thanks for your time and comments. Appreciate you all.

Thanks again.

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2/13/11 04:03 AM