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I love my huge wool oriental carpet, it has mass color and with neutral furnishings, I can pull colors out for pops of color around the room.

The Case for Neutral Area Rugs
8/30/11 10:45 AM

Please, I spent 10 days pulling out morning glory roots from a 5 x 20 area. Dug down 5 feet. They are awful, will choke other plants. Rest is very cool tho. Hops will cover the lattice nicely.

Before, During, After: An Evolving Outdoor Space
8/1/11 05:05 PM

Great Chair, love the fireplace, very retro!!

Before & After: A Decked Out Vintage Deck Chair
7/21/11 10:25 PM

WOW huge curtains, good job.

David & Marta's Simple Yet Stylish Loft
House Tour

7/18/11 03:14 PM

Love the Steinberg wall paper, I saw it before on the Antonio Treatment.

Bathroom Before & After: From Carpeted to Calm & Clean
7/8/11 12:58 PM

Warm lovely apt, I too would love to peek in the shop. !

Gina's Vintage Bohemian Home Atop the Shop
House Tour

6/1/11 05:19 PM

Can't wait to open all windows and doors, how much longer is anyone's guess. Pacific NW rain.
Ugh, oh well it will be here soon and it will be wonderful, I always take down my drapes to let the view of the trees and flowers in, hang baskets or planter boxes outside windows!

10 Ways To Welcome Summer Into Your Home
6/1/11 05:13 PM

The" Floors" are to die for, just beautiful, cute apartment, love it !!!!

Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
5/11/11 05:55 PM

Oh, that looks wonderful, I will try it.

Seasonal Recipe: Springtime Pasta
3/15/11 11:14 PM

It would be a lot of work but,you can make homemade dragees. Make tiny sugar pearls with isomalt. Cover them with silver luster dust. Just a thought.The pink sprinkles are great.

How To Make Sprinkles for Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes!
2/12/11 11:34 PM