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There is a site like this for beer now called BeerCraving.com

Food Blog News: Tastespotting Alternatives
5/1/11 07:54 PM

I've got a great winter pesto recipe using kale, spinach and parsley. Just puree, spread on crostini and shave Parmesan over the top.

Here is a link for the recipe http://www.handmeafork.com/2011/01/winter-pesto-crostinis.html

Chard, Kale, and Spinach: What To Do With Hearty Greens
2/22/11 02:05 PM

I love sour beer! All the ones mentioned above are definitely worth a try. I second the notion on the Duchesse which may or may not DEFINE the style of sour beers. In Boulder, Co there is even a sour beer festival.

Beer Spotting: Sour Beer
2/18/11 11:38 AM

Pretty sweet

Don't Miss It! Joel & McKenzie's Salvaged Live/Work Loft
2/11/11 11:50 AM