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THAT CHILD IN THE CASE IS A HORROR! Why in the name of anything good in this universe would you want a child in what looks like a Victorian coffin. BAD MOJO, very bad mojo. Just looking at it turns my stomach. I couldn't care less about the rest of this pad no matter how gorgeous it might be.

Meghan Boody's Trippy Tribeca Loft
New York Magazine

3/1/11 12:48 PM

I would have much rather seen a good lush quilt on the bed...while I like the layered rugs, I am cringing looking at them in the first picture...I WOULD NOT want to put my feet on them...or my shoes

Before & After: Rustic Retreat Redesign for Under $300
2/11/11 11:12 AM

umm, yeah, real classy....LOL @ firespitter "just lame" it looks like crap Windows wallpaper from back in the DOS days.

Filthy Home: Pervy Wallpaper from Brooklyn
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2/11/11 11:07 AM