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i love those rows of small lights on the ceiling. would really like to have a source for where I could find those?

David's Designer Dining Dungeon
5/26/11 08:49 PM

I tried vanilla flavored Almond milk with my cheerios and it made it taste like lucky charms

Almond Milk: What Does it Really Taste Like?
1/11/11 11:45 PM

i love the idea of using mattresses as a sofa. i have seen it here too:

Has anyone seen thin fabric mattresses similar to these?

The Home of Architect Guilherme Torres

11/11/10 11:16 PM

I've been wanting to get one of those maxwell sofas, but this one is nearly the price of a new one from RH. Plus, I have found through research that the manufacturer sells to other online retailers who sell the sofa for way less than RH.

Restoration Hardware Maxwell Sofa - $2500
San Francisco Scavenger

8/30/10 11:55 PM

Anyone know where I could find the fabric on the striped pillows in this pic?

I'd like to use that (or at least something similar) to make window coverings. Even though I really like the black and white stripes, this would fit in with my decor better

Jenika's DIY Window Coverings | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/6/10 11:58 PM

I use a Bialetti Brikka to make my "espresso" in the morning. It's a stovetop pot just like the rest of the mokka pots, but has a special valve to create more pressure which makes crema. While purists will tell you it's not true espresso since the pressure still isn't quite as high, it's better than espresso you'd get at starbucks.

I also have a stovetop frother - just a little pot with a lid that has a screen that you plunge up and down for 30s.

Perfect Cups: How To Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/14/09 08:04 PM

where in the mission do you get this? i'm not far away and would love to try this stuff. looks so good!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Crispy Fried Pork Skin: Chicharrónes
10/7/09 09:16 PM

that coffee table is awesome! I just wish i could find a less expensive one that looked similar.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | French Industrial Series at Wisteria
8/2/08 10:01 PM

alaskanwoody--those magnets i see in the picture above of the animals with there parts labeled come from the back of the book by Alton Brown. "I'm just here for the food"

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Organization Tour: A Visit With Bento Expert Biggie of Lunch In a Box
8/2/08 09:56 PM

I found an inexpensive square frame at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that fits the poster perfectly. It had a matte in it designed to put several small photos in it, so I just got rid of the matte. IKEA also has a Ribba frame that fits.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Our "Hacked" Ork Poster
3/24/08 07:34 PM

so, where is the link to this wire locker basket. I've been hunting through the sundance catalog with no luck. thanks

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Industrial Chic in the Sundance Catalog
1/27/08 10:55 AM