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I've tried them all and the only one I actually ready is Richard Branson's "Project" Magazine.

I think what makes it so good is they never had a print version. It was designed from the ground up for the ipad and it show.

The Best Digital Magazines Available for iPad
4/15/11 11:57 PM

Sold my MacBook Pro the day the new ones came out.

The moment the announcement (and sale date) is made available I put my stuff on craigslist.

The sale offset my new purchase.

If You're Upgrading, When Do You Sell Your Old Gear?
3/9/11 06:18 PM

I have "early-adopter syndrome".

I bought the iPhone, iPad, & MacBook Pro (just last week) the day they came out.

In me (very weak) defense - I do sell my previous gen to offset the cost of the new one.

Yeah, I have a problem.

Are You Quick To Buy The Next Big Tech Item?
3/3/11 04:30 AM

You're right about that. The picture shows the immediate "after" shot. They have since been raised to be head level and moved a bit farther apart tpfor better stereo separation.

I just didn't want them on the arm a anymore because they were overbearing and people (wife) kept knocking their head on it. :-)

Also, I monitor at low levels so I don't need them to be so far apart.

Before & After: Dark & Cluttered to Creative & Colorful
2/10/11 03:23 AM