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Love the white corner built-in in the dining room! Also the surf books, citrus color pops and of course, the cute canine. I also liked the use of wall space (guitar on the wall) and hippie 70s crochet hangers. A nice lived in space.

Revisiting Scott's California Bohemian House Tour
7/23/14 03:15 PM

I had tall but narrow wicker baskets in my small bathroom with a pedestal. One held extra TP while the other was used for a flat iron/blow dryer. A tall multi drawer plastic unit for makeup and other storage (would've loved something nicer like a little wooden chest. In my current bath I have a few cubitec cubes with wooden boxes to separate everything and floating shelves over the toilet.

How To Make the Most of a Bathroom with a Pedestal Sink Renters Solutions
7/11/14 07:42 PM

I prefer to live alone and in a small space. I would love however to live within walking distance of some of my friends. I think that would be so fun. I'm divorced and just got out of a long term live in relationship. Growing up & in college I always shared a room. So, this is my first time living alone and I love it. I do live next door to my parents so it's not lonely but I still have my privacy. I'm almost certain I would not extend the invitation to any future love interests to live with me in this space (but they can visit). I like having my own home.

Living with Roommates (Just for the Fun of It)
7/11/14 07:36 PM

I saw some of the comments above about paperwork. I don't have my day job at home but I do writing/blogging/consulting on the side. I try to keep paperwork at a minimum by using virtual storage/scanning and the paperwork I do have is tucked away in a utility closet a few steps away in hanging file banker boxes. If I need to access paperwork while working, those closet doors are swung open for easy access but if you took a picture of my "office" all you would see is my desk. In a small space, I prefer to not have files taking up valuable floor/wall space but rather to put it in a multi storage closet that is not visible when not needed. I suspect some of these homeowners are doing something similar.

Decoration Inspiration Fitting a Home Office into a Small Space Small Space Solutions
4/7/14 10:26 PM

One of my favorite house tours to date! Love her sense of humor and wonderful use out of a small space. I find sleeping in a little alcove is much more restful and a huge bedroom. I have big furniture in my small space and it definitely feels like a big home when I'm kicking back. Love the liquor in the bird cage idea too.

Lauren's Eclectic San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/10/14 10:33 PM

Your bedroom is so pretty! Great hack and I also like how you put a few ottomans at the foot of the bed in lieu of a bench, much more versatile.

Weekend DIY Project: Make a Simple Nightstand from IKEA Expedit Shelving
1/10/14 01:59 PM

I actually enjoy spending weekends at home improving, cleaning and organizing. I think when you realize you don't need to do it all at once but can enjoy the process along the way, it takes the pressure off. That said, I do prefer smaller homes overall as big homes overwhelm me.

Looking forward to seeing your progress. Your house sounds like a rehab addict sort of project! I'd love to see if you take out some of the earlier renovation efforts to bring back some of the original charm to the home.

You've inspired me to make a list for my minimalizing. I would like to have less possessions and more open space in my home by the end of 2014 and I really should write out a plan like you've done here for your "cure". I do add to dos to my task app every week but I think I should document out a plan. It is something that will be a cure for my life as well as my home.

Carolyn's Cure: In with the New Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/2/14 02:49 PM

I'm the same as Donald. I don't wait until an opportunity arises as I don't do much gift at holiday giving anyway. If I receive (or buy and arent' able to return) an item I have no use for, I immediately think about whether I have any friends or family that it would be a good fit for and give it to them. I also am selling my clothes online so I'll stick small things in with a sale as a free gift for the buyer.

I'm a budding minimalist with a long way to go so I don't like to keep things around I know I won't use.

I do however profusely thank everyone for their gifts and I mean it. I'm just so happy and grateful someone thought of me in the first place.

Apartment Therapy’s Guide to Regifting
1/2/14 02:30 PM

I have stacking glass containers with lids that are great for storing food in the fridge and using all the vertical space. I also only buy certain items from costco that are frequently used. For items that I only use randomly, I still buy from the regular grocery store in smaller bottles. I also limit myself on choices (I can have it all just not all at once) so I usually only have one type of cheese, one flavor ice cream, one milk, etc. I don't keep a ton of beverages in the fridge, will usually just pour drinks over ice and keep the bottle/cans in the pantry. If certain food is to take to work, I usually just store it there from the get go rather than lugging one serving size to work each day. Once in awhile I'll go through the whole fridge/freezer/pantry and do very little shopping that week as I make the strong push to use up some of what is already there. That said, it's just me. I don't know how families do it.

Quick Tip: How To Fit More in a
Small Refrigerator

10/11/13 07:28 PM

I've never lived in an apartment or condo that didn't have a name. Didn't realize it was a special thing because all apartments, townhomes and condominium developments in Honolulu do have names. So yes, I've lived in homes that have a name, the Mauna Luan, King's Gate just to name a few. I've never named my houses though although I do name my cars and dress forms.

Does Your Home Have A Name?
10/11/13 07:17 PM

I've always loved the retractable clothesline in the bathroom. Used to travel quite a bit to Asia and that was always available in hotel suites.

In my own tiny bathroom, I use floating shelves for storage. Three above the loo and one above the door on the inside of the bathroom.

I also spent an entire Sunday going minimal. I now only have 3 make-up brushes, two lip glosses, one blush, one powder and three eyeshadows. I got rid of most travel items including hair appliances and the remaining travel bottles, etc are now stored in my carry on, not in my bathroom. Tossed all free sample and gift with purchase items or gift soaps/candles that I'm never going to use. I try to use multi purpose cleaning items as much as possible. I only buy hair care and cleaning items as needed, don't hold much extras. I also took little accessed items like extra dental floss, band-aids, etc out of store packaging and consolidated with other items in decorative wooden boxes that I can stack (no spare inch wasted). I'm pretty strick with myself now about what is allowed to be brought in. I no longer go to Sephora just for fun.

Stacking plastic drawers on top of the vanity (I fold up fashion mag pages and insert on the front of each drawer so it doesn't look so ugly and the contents stay private).

Save Our Shower!: 3 Small Space Helpers No Cramped Family Should Live Without
9/17/13 07:06 PM

I had pretty good roommates for the most part except for one in college who I think may have had some issues with eating and food. There was four of us (apartment dorms) and three of us had been friends since high school. One Saturday we did a top to bottom cleaning and threw out a bunch of yogurts that had expired a few months ago from the fridge. We weren't sure whose yogurt it was but felt like it was so old, it didn't matter, just toss it. We also realized that a lot of our dishes seemed to be missing so we peeked into her wardrobe and looked under her bed and sure enough, we found about ten different bowls and plates with moldy, gross and half eaten food. We pulled them out and threw away some, washed others. All of these dishes were owned by us, not her as the dorm didn't provide. She came home later that afternoon, opened the fridge and totally layed into us about how DARE we throw her yogurt.

She also liked my boyfriend. He came over one day and was chatting with her in the living room while I was getting ready. It was pretty obvious who he was but she later told me she'd like to ask him out some time.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
8/29/13 04:46 PM

I lost 40 lbs that I had gained after an injury. Being that I had lost and maintained that amount of weight in the past for more than 7 years, I didn't think I needed to save any of my larger clothes so gave them all to my cousin. Well, shortly afterwards I got divorced, moved to another island where I was less physically active, started a new medication with weight gain side effects and had two job changes. Gained all the weight back and more. 99% of the clothes I didn't miss at all but there were about 3 or 4 fabulous pieces that I yearned for once I was that larger size again. I still miss them because although I've started to drop the weight again, I could fit into those pieces now!

I've never regretted giving up any house items or books.

Outbox Regrets: Have You Ever Gotten Rid of Something and then Regretted It?
8/13/13 05:18 PM

It's interesting, the placement of my tv is fairly high. I don't have a fireplace but I'd say the height I have mine is just as high and it's fine. My couch is maybe like six feet from it and there's a kitchen island behind it (small space). It's worked really well for us because I can walk in front of my BF when he's watching and not disturb him because I'm more or less shorter than the tv at 5". In order for us to get from the living/dining area to the sleeping area we need to walk in between the couch and tv. I can also see the tv well when I'm cooking or eating at the island. Of course our couch is one that you can totally sit with your head back and feet up on the ottoman so I think that's why we don't feel like we're straining our neck. If you have seating that you have to sit straight up and down that might be an issue. We also don't just sit and watch tv for hours on end.

Great visuals and the comments here are gold, really great suggestions. I'd agree about using one of the closets as storage for infrequently used items. You can always put those sliders under your furniture to make it easier to move when you do need to get into that close.

Help for Living Room Lacking Wall Space? Good Questions
7/8/13 08:00 PM

It's in the details I think. They are breaking up the black and white with the silver knife strips and also interesting industrial lighting pieces.

Looks good Maxwell!

Apartment Therapy on Copying to Learn Renovation Diary
6/11/13 11:10 PM

Wow, some people can't take a joke. It made me smile, I got the tongue in cheek reference to the "if a caveman can do it" commercials.

I also disagree that a post about too much stuff doesn't belong on AT. Needing "therapy" for our homes can include holding onto stuff that no longer suits us or getting rid of the excess. Part of decorating a space can include identifying what is meaningful. How much stuff is too much (or too little) is highly personal.

Apartment Therapy On Why Not To Date a Caveman
6/3/13 04:00 PM

Love the first photo.Blogger LoveMaegan also has her office and wardrobe together in an extra bedroom, which makes sense as she does blog about fashion.

I've put together a distinct office space in the corner of my bedroom. It's a big space because I split an 800 square foot studio in two with a long narrow walk-in. Tried to eliminate unneeded walls and doors, leaving everything open with two big areas (live/cook, sleep/write). I do have to cover up my tech with a sarong at night though otherwise the power lights on my backup drive, etc. disturb my sleep.

I've also seen people put an office space in their storag space with a rolltop door. They work to fulfill and online right out of their storage.

Unexpected Rooms Turned Into Multi-Use Offices
4/11/13 06:54 PM

@pierre.foucart I don't think any commenters who mentioned allergies were trying to dictate what everyone else should do. In a discussion on flooring it's normal to bring up pros and cons of different types of flooring. What we all prefer depends on our own needs and our location.

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: Floors - #2 Renovation Diary
3/19/13 03:57 AM

I'm loving your little butcher block table, what a great find for a small space. I like the look of art leaning on a wall or table but I'm always curious, is there a way to keep it from slipping and falling?

I'm so so sorry to hear about your divorce. I got divorced a few years ago and it is such a difficult thing to go through for anyone, no matter what the circumstances. Hugs and best wishes to you both and Lulu.

Maxwell & Lulu's Temporary Digs House Tour
3/11/13 02:58 PM

Lovely spaces. I've never lived in a rental where we could even put items up on the wall. That one thing makes such a difference.

Renting Done Right: 10 Inspiring International Rentals from our House Tours

3/11/13 02:54 PM