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Hani and Andrew - I love your table and chairs. Can you tell me where you got it or recommend a similar store for the style? Thanks.

Smart Solutions for Small Cool Kitchens Small Cool 2013
6/5/13 04:29 PM

Unbelievable! He is really very talented.
My parents have two sets of old encyclopedias that they believe has value. I've tried to tell them that they don't, since for example, Russia is described as the U.S.S.R. They've tried to sell them and donate them but no one seems to want them. Does anyone have any ideas (other than using them to create art) of where we could sell or give them away to?

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

1/6/12 04:17 PM

Hi, you have a lovely home. What do you mean by you became green certified? Is this within your profession?

Pilar and Carl's Colorful Casa
Green Tour

12/19/11 04:18 PM

Such a creepy little voice.

End of Day Inspiration: Buy Nothing.
12/5/11 05:27 PM

This will be my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian and your words really struck home. I have a new appreciation for food and the way it sustains us. I'm more focused on the people around me and what they mean to me. The transition has made me very health conscious and unexpectedly made me reexamine other values like the meaning of family and community. The people around me are curious about this change in my diet and though I'm a bit nervous about feeling attacked I'm also looking forward to sharing with them. Happy Thanksgiving!

Re-Nest On... Gratitude for Food
11/21/11 02:01 PM

Does anyone know stores that sell those mini size Ball jars for the yogurt? Perhaps the Container store?

10 Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Start Your Day Off Right
9/12/11 03:34 PM

Thanks for the info circadm. True, I am one of those people who still doesn't use a smartphone! Although reconsidering if it's worth upping my phone bill to get one. Looking at my phone now I see that under "Location" there is a choice for "location on" or "E911 only".

Conserve Phone Battery During Power Outage
8/30/11 01:51 PM

Tip #1 - Turn off location services - I think this is what allows 911 responders to locate you. Not sure you want to shut this in an emergency situation.

Conserve Phone Battery During Power Outage
8/27/11 10:07 PM

I find that the easiest way to understand and know what you're getting is to check the ratings for products on two websites: and They do the scientific research for you and tell you the safety level of many products.
For the person looking for a good conditioner, I tried and liked Whole Foods, 365 Everyday Value Fragrance Free conditioner. Plus it's cheap! Another great resource is the book:
No More Dirty Looks: The Truth about Your Beauty Products--and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics.

The Green Cure: Greening The Bathroom, Lighting The Home
Week 6 - Intro

8/25/11 05:11 PM

Kimatdc, thanks! Your place looks great - very open yet cozy.

Keep it Simple: White Curtains and Natural Blinds
4/22/11 02:22 PM

Thanks chrisdy, I look into that.

Keep it Simple: White Curtains and Natural Blinds
4/21/11 05:00 PM

Does anyone know where I can find that little table and chairs in image 7 by Leah Moss? I have a tiny apt and have been on the lookout for the a table that is the right fit. Thanks.

Keep it Simple: White Curtains and Natural Blinds
4/21/11 04:38 PM

I strongly agree with the old view for statements one and two. It is about consuming less! We use more of the world's resources than any other country and within 10 to 20 years will become accutely aware of the effects of climate change on our life. We're already seeing them in the past five years. Please check out the move "Home" narrated by Glen Close. It really brings to light what we are up against. We can't continue consumption as is today or we'll continue killing ourselves from the production of these items. For the third and fourth items, to me, it's really a personal choice of what buzz words/phrases appeal to you. People eventually suffer from burnout, losing interest in a "trendy" topic so if we need to change the language that's ok as long as we get the message across. I love that this blog also encourages respect for the past, speaking of heirloom and repairable pieces. One of my favorite items in my house is a dresser hand made by my grandfather. Thanks for your thoughts and keeping the discussion going!

Why Sustainability Is Boring and Merely 'Consuming Less' Misses the Point
2/8/11 04:44 PM