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@LMM - it's actually just the cheap vinyl floor tiles. If you can find the right one they don't look too terrible. I want to do slate eventually but I'll end up doing that when I re-tile the shower stall. Didn't seem worth the expense at the moment.

@Calamity - wish I could tell you, but it was a birthday present from my mom!

@leith - it's Martha Stewart Living, and the color is "seal".

@ohiogirl - it's actually an antique that I bought/inherited. It's an old shop counter with drawers in the front and a mirrored back that I think used to hold some shelves.

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2/10/11 02:07 PM

Hi guys! Thanks for the nice comments. I appreciate it.

To start off, the color is from Martha Stewart Living - the color is called "seal". It looks a bit darker when you get it on the walls but it dries just fine. And it is a bit dark at night but I've got tons of lamps around so I think the overall affect just ends up being cozy.

As for the rugs - the big persian rug came from TJ Maxx (I looked for one for almost a year!) and the one in the entryway I actually picked up when I was in Morocco years ago. It's an antique Berber design. The guy in the shop just knew that I would love it forever by the look in my eye I guess.

I know the room arrangement seems strange, and it's hard to tell from these pictures, but the shop shelves in the middle of the room actually protrude off of a part of the wall that sticks out. It was really hard to find a furniture arrangement in the room that worked and the card catalog just fit. It's not my ideal situation but I was making the best with what I had!

Bri's Beautiful Before & After Home
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2/8/11 04:02 PM