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alex first sewing kit is awesome!

uno cards, yahtzee, bananagrams


roald dahl box set of books, puppy place books, and olive the other reindeer book

Tell Us...the Best Gifts for 5-8 Year Olds?
12/11/12 09:20 PM

john daly's!!! they're so yummy!

french 75s are amazing too...

Unique but Crowd-Pleasing Signature Wedding Cocktails? Good Questions
9/28/12 10:25 PM

love this room! iggy is so lucky!

Baby Iggy's Groovy Sci-Fi Room My Room
9/17/12 09:51 AM

great job. im happy to hear juno is doing well, and i think its really special you all made cards for other children in the hospital! happy birthday juno!

Best Kids Parties: Hip Hip Hooray My Party
8/20/12 08:26 PM

wow! great job!

Kitchen Before & After: Amanda Hesser's Budget Kitchen Makeover Kitchen Renovation
8/16/12 10:46 AM

what about an ice cream bar instead? provide a few types of ice cream, whip cream, fruit, caramel, chocolate syrup, candy, nuts, etc. the couple can scoop ice cream together, and guests and fancy them up as they wish!

Ideas for a Gluten-Free Wedding Cake? Good Questions
7/25/12 11:10 PM


A Montessori Playroom for Three My Playroom
5/8/12 09:45 AM

as the mother of a child with food sensitivites, i love this idea- you dont have to worry about who is a vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc! fresh food is always fun- and i love the idea of giving everyone an opportunity to try new things! love the garland too : )

Cute & Healthy Party: A Fruit Tasting!
5/6/12 10:14 PM

love love love this party. i too wish there were more photos! i would love to see the wrestling ring!

Best Kids' Parties: Lucha Libre My Party
5/2/12 06:04 PM


Before & After: A Dark, Dated Kitchen Goes Light and Modern Professional Renovation
4/27/12 08:45 PM

cute!!!! funny, we still call it party pig too- even though they changed the name. i thought this was super original and well done!

Best Kids Parties: Lumberjacks & Jills My Party
4/11/12 01:47 PM


A Bright & Beautiful Bungalow From An Ohio Trio
House Tour

3/21/12 11:11 PM

i love the soul this room has. saf is a lucky man.

Saf's Pint-Size Personal History Nursery Tour
3/19/12 10:11 PM

the children at the children's hospital i work at love these! there are so many cute animals. it's really neat to see them walking around with their iv poles, and walking their balloon "pet."

My Own Pet Balloons Family Find
3/12/12 04:05 PM

want to do this for my daughter's bunk bed so she can take toys and books up there, but have her hands empty to climb the ladder!

Install a Pulley Inside the House
Light Blue Grey

2/8/12 06:35 AM

love the window treatments.

Before & After: A Teen Bedroom Grows Up
2/6/12 10:30 AM

i too found it sexy! great job.

Agustin's Barrio Baroque
House Tour

2/3/12 01:26 PM

awesome on so many levels!

Coffee Break Awesome Video...and Homegrown Instruments For Family
1/31/12 11:02 AM

love the retro floor tiles!

A Bright Kids Bathroom Refresh

1/26/12 12:48 AM


Before & After: Entertainment Center Turned French Play Kitchen
Twice Lovely

1/25/12 02:42 PM