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This is a great-looking room. As a person who has an attic bedroom, though, I would guess that the space is deceptively small, particularly for someone like me who is 6ft+. Those angled ceilings really cut into the usable space, and crawling in and out of that bed would get old pretty quickly!

Attic Bedroom at Alabaster House
3/16/11 12:21 PM

Mine is the same, but it turns light blue in the sun.

Bri's Beautiful Before & After Home
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2/8/11 02:15 PM

Okay, in case the OP hasn't gotten the message, I will add to the collective request for the paint color! I joined AT today (long time reader, first time poster) just to ask, so please please pretty please?!??

Also, this one is open to all of you great design minds - how does a gray color like this look at night? I love the way this tone looks in a well-lit room, but does it turn dark and depressing when the sun goes down?

Bri's Beautiful Before & After Home
House Tour

2/8/11 01:44 PM