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Hi everyone, OP here!
Thank you all so much for your responses.
Of course I've tried Ebay, but without the name of them, it's been a difficult search process.
I've seen the ones at Target, and yeah, some of them are really cute, but none of them are long enough.
And to those of you who still have some in a box or closet somewhere, I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Thanks again everyone, and if someone knows the name of these curtains and could post it I would appreciate that too!

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5/17/09 11:38 AM

I've sent in the same question for three weeks and have yet to see it posted...

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4/27/09 07:40 PM

I MUST KNOW who makes the bedding!!! Those flower sheets and pillowcases are amazing!

Does anyone know where they come from?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Sköna Hem's Glamorous Studio
4/26/09 09:51 AM

Damn! You've got some SERIOUS style!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Nathan Andrew's Serene & Masculine Teeny-tiny Division #20
4/16/09 09:00 AM

WOW! Love it.

You are fabulous!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Dana's Neutral Foundation Little Division #35
4/16/09 08:42 AM

you have the best wall art placement i've ever seen!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Engin's Patient Coordination Tiny Division #47
4/16/09 08:38 AM

I love your bedroom. It's so serene.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2009: Gingerpop's Bargain HuntTiny Division #30
4/14/09 12:55 PM

Can anyone tell me more about the lime green chairs in the last photo?

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4/9/09 04:22 PM


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4/8/09 11:35 AM

Well, I've had terrible experience from United airlines: they cancelled my flight, then cancelled my rescheduled flight, then when I called customer service the unintelligible overseas agent hung up on me.
And terrible service from Home Depot: my boyfriend - "where are the elecrical cables?" Home Depot employee - "I dont know man, I just work here."

But I would love to take this opportunity to sing the praises of Mythic Paint. They are a new NO VOC paint company who opened a shop in my hometown in CT. We just made over the kitchen in my apartment, but because it is now an open layout, it required a new paint job in the kitchen/dining room/ living room / hallway. So, we made the long drive up to CT from NYC just to get this paint. I brought in a color sample from Behr hoping to find something similar. I found out that not only do they color-match, but they already have a formula database for most other major paint brands' colors. They found the formula for my sample and mixed up four gallons. When I brought it home, it was a little too dark for what I wanted. So, I brought the paint the paint back and explained the situation. The guy from the store called the Mythic headquarters and they created a new formula for him to mix on the spot. He mixed four NEW gallons for me for no additional cost. Well, I brought it home and IT'S PERFECT!!! So beautiful, covers well, fantastic customer service AND NO SMELL! Best Paint Company Ever.

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4/3/09 10:07 PM

I'm looking for a some round felt pillows that resemble tumbled river rocks. Any suggestions?

Apartment Therapy New York | Roundup: Round Pillows
3/16/09 09:22 PM

i am painting my living room right now and I just spent the whole day taping off the ceiling and the trim. my question is, if I paint the first coat, but then wait overnight to paint the second coat, will I have problems when I remove the tape?

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3/14/09 10:38 PM

Who makes/where can I find that awesome table?

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3/10/09 06:25 PM


wow, thank you for a comprehensive and realistic response to this post. can you recommend anyone who does this in ny/brooklyn?

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2/24/09 10:08 AM

I know this will seem like a ridiculous post given the content of this thread, but, where can I get that cute little piggy bank?

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2/13/09 05:37 PM

Love the blue cabinets!

How is it not having a hood over your stove? I'm thinking of doing it in my kitchen which has closed cabinets, but I'm worried about grease particles getting all over everything. I can't imagine what it's like with open shelving!
What is your experience?
Anyone else not have a hood over their stove? Does it require excessive cleaning of the entire kitchen?

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1/17/09 06:04 PM

where did you get the baby's breath silhouette canvas?

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12/5/08 10:04 PM

I always return the hangers and plastic bags to my dry-cleaner, and they're happy to have them. I also return my plastic take-out containers to the Chinese food restaurant.

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11/15/08 02:54 PM

Where did she get the light orb that sits at the foot of the bed, and who makes it?


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: My Mother's Blue Bedroom
9/16/08 05:08 PM

how many lumens is it?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | FrogLight by Frog Design
9/7/08 06:12 AM