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Zero icons here. I do use the mini icons in the toolbar (quickstart, I think they're called?) and/or pin my most used programs to the start bar.

Your Desktop Organization and What It Says About You
5/22/11 04:28 PM

I love using burlap! I have a burlap throw pillow cover from Urban Outfitters that I've had for 10 years-- it's still my favorite and looks great. (And yeah, it softens up over time.)

My dad once covered an accent wall in our house with burlap. As a kid I loved it, because for birthdays he'd cover it with balloons held in place by the static cling.

He also covered almost all the walls in his store with it. The slatwall and pegboard was ugly, but covering it with burlap was practical, since fixtures can repeatedly be poked through it into the pegboard underneath without leaving a mark in the cloth. It was just a nondescript rental space in a strip mall, but his decoration (and yes, burlap) transformed it into something magical... like a pirate ship decorated by Victorian gypsies.

Add Texture with Burlap Covered Pieces
2/14/11 08:30 PM

My current and former houses have the washer & dryer in the kitchen. It's very convenient!

4 Ways Parisian Kitchens Differ From American Kitchens
2/13/11 02:13 PM

For now, I'm enjoying decorating/fixing up our first home-- a suburban ranch with some midcentury charm.

Someday, though... someday, I want a hobbit house.

Someday, Someday: Embracing Your Dream Home Style
2/13/11 01:51 PM

These are pretty sexy, actually. (Sure, in a house they'd just look like weird sex chairs, but as art peices, they're awesome!)

Furniture Fit for a Vampire by Carmela Laganse
2/6/11 03:44 PM