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Now that I no longer wear a watch I find I want clocks all around my house - my phone stays in my handbag unless I need to make a call. I have two in my sitting room - one that I can see from the moment I walk in the door and one that's just to the left of my eyeline while I'm watching tv. I'm actually on the hunt for cheap and beautiful clocks, all the ones I like are spendy.

The Punctual Man: Decorating with ClocksInside Man | Apartment Therapy New York
7/9/10 07:54 AM

I'd second using the coffee table as a bench, it looks the perfect height. After eating you could push it back into position?

Best Seating Arrangement for Hosting Dinner Guests? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
1/28/10 10:24 AM

In Ireland (where Rachel is from) having an Aga-style cooker (usually Waterford-Stanley in Ireland, and known as a "range") plus a gas/electric hob and oven or double oven is the typical setup in a top end country style kitchen. The range is mainly a lifestyle thing nowadays as obviously the oven and hob can more than handle most cooking - it's the traditional heart of the county home and would once have been used for cooking, heating the house, heating hot water via a back bolier, and for drying clothes. In my experience it would often be placed away from the rest of the kitchen with a few small armchairs around it, so to me Rachel's set up looks a bit unusal, or at least a waste of a very expensive feature. Nowadays it might not be used for cooking, but will always be lit in winter months. It is an over the top set up but seen as essential if you have the money!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Interweb Cookery: Rachel Allen's Beef, Ale and Tarragon Pie
9/30/09 05:51 AM