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Is there anything that I can use instead of the almond meal in the cottage cheese muffins recipe?

10 Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Start Your Day Off Right
9/13/11 07:33 AM

I only have an immersion blender these days. I used to have a small food processor and a blender, but the small food processor was always teasing me and seldom pleasing me, and I basically never used the blender. I even use my immersion blender to make pesto; works like a charm!
That said, I really only use it to blend soups, etc. (and I would think I could make a smoothie with it, were I the smoothie-drinking type, having successfully made a milkshake with one once), and to make pesto. Works like a charm!

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6/14/11 09:58 AM

This may sound weird, but I can't get white distilled vinegar. I live in the Czech Republic, and all of the vinegar is brown -- it's fermented, or apple cider vinegar. Can I still use it for cleaning?

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3/21/11 05:59 AM

I read that growing garlic was super easy -- just take a clove and stick it, pointy side up, about an inch down in a pot with some dirt. I put four cloves into four pots, and all but one of them shriveled up and died. They all shot up remarkably fast, but they just didn't hang in there. I'm wondering what may have gone wrong. Any help? And is there anything I can do to safeguard my lone survivor? It's a long time yet, I think, until it will be harvest-able.

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2/27/11 05:39 AM