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your right, it is, but a lot of people (and I am one of them) can't stand to be barefoot or even sock footed on floors. No idea why I just hate it, your house could be clean enough to eat off the floors and I'd still be creeped out without some kind of footwear on, I always try to bring slippers with me when I visit places I am required to remove my footwear. I'm in upstate ny a few hours away from canada and the winters and springs make shoe removal a necessity because of all the yuck we bring in with us, but I always have something else to put right on. And in the summer I live in flip flops and not too worried about the dirt honestly, my kid and dog drag in more junk from outdoors than I ever could.

7 Ways You’re Making House Cleaning Harder Than It Has To Be
7/27/14 08:25 PM

Here in syracuse people are doing the same thing on Craigslist and it's killing me! They are charging a ton of money for antiques they are destroying. I'm ok with painting stuff, sometimes there's no way around it or the wood is nothing special or the piece is nothing special but some of the stuff I have seen "re-done" on Craigslist belongs to none of those categories. People must be buying them because these people are in business, it makes me want to start my own where instead of painting every piece I buy I actually refinish it to it's original glory. Wonder if anyone would be interested in buying those for $$$.

Before & After: A Dark Side Table Gets A Dose of Whimsy
7/9/14 04:44 PM

I'm sorry I know you worked hard on this and I know you love it so enjoy it but I cried a bit inside when I saw this, the wood was gorgeous. I wouldn't have painted it but that's just me. It DOES look lovely now and if I hadn't seen the before I'd be a huge fan of it. I also appreciate how hard the balls were to paint so you did a fantastic job none the less.

Before & After: A Dark Side Table Gets A Dose of Whimsy
7/9/14 04:37 PM

sigh* yeah elvedon I felt that way too.. my kid watches tv plays video games and has way too many toys (even though we just got rid of almost all of them apparently he still has too many) and as of this moment my house is a complete disaster because all my inside projects came to a screeching halt due to the nice weather and the outside needing just as much love as the inside (new house that has been neglected for years) so yeah, go all you tidy people, I'll never be one of you no matter how hard I try, I'm good with it, I enjoy my projects even if it means my laundry piles up and the house gets a bit messy in the mean time.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/4/14 09:16 PM

thats really cool! Good to know really. I'm also down with keeping them in the yard. I love to blow the seeds ( I know it creates more of them) make a wish! I don't let them grow in the garden but the yard, bah it's fine.

How To Get Rid of Dandelion Weeds Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/15/14 12:52 AM

you and me both, I can never find my phone!

5 Ways to Deal With Dinner Party Guests Who Won't Put Down Their Phones
5/12/14 03:56 PM

I think we all need a little more of this personally. people get mad at me because I don't answer my phone. I'm sorry I don't have it on me, if I wasn't home 10 years ago you would not have been able to reach me until I got in and checked your message, but in today's world if I don't respond RIGHT NOW I am bombarded with calls or texts or people yelling at me. I'm in the middle of living my life and it doesn't include having the phone attached to my body. I check it throughout the day and get back to people as soon as I can but I hate the damn thing sometimes. It causes more conflict for me than it's worth sometimes. I get it you need to speak to me. But you get it: It might not happen the second you want it to.

5 Ways to Deal With Dinner Party Guests Who Won't Put Down Their Phones
5/12/14 03:54 PM

now I'm googling it, we have a few toads in our yard maybe this will keep them around?

Don't Throw It Away! 3 Things You Can Do With Your Broken Pots and Planters
5/11/14 10:55 PM

Oh my god where has this website been all my life? how haven't I heard of this? freaking awesome thank you!

Color Ideas to Work with 1960s Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
5/10/14 12:16 AM

that's why we are boarder line hoarders (guilty!!) But I am in the middle of purging and finishing up projects, my sewing is also lacking. I'm trying to recover a glider rocker and let me say this, it's not going well.....

Fat Quarter Crafts: 10 DIY Projects that Use Just a Little Fabric
5/10/14 12:13 AM

Thank you!! I was just going to post that! It's a classic combination. I was not expecting that after myself and I did do a whoa double take not sure if I liked it at first. The old knobs are really cool BUT they don't work on the piece (i'd save em though!) I love the new look way to clean up save it and still have some natural wood which I love. If you'd done a full on paint job or a bright color other people would be crying about that.

Before & After: Sabrina's From Damaged to Daring Modern Desk Makeover
5/9/14 12:09 AM

that makes me want to cry for you pantone18.

I love this redo, a lot of hard work and it came out so amazing. And honest to god the paint combo it had looked good, old but would have been cute fresh as well so you really could have gone either way with this project. I'm glad you opted for the harder re-do it was for the best!

Before & After: A Colorful Dresser Gets a Makeunder
5/9/14 12:01 AM

I love it! It's perfect for nursery and easily update as he grows, the handles are perfect. And for a boy I'm glad to see the scalloped edge go, maybe if it were pink but I like the clean line. Great redo!

Before & After: Kim's Nursery Dresser
5/8/14 09:42 PM

I love it myself, it looks like it might be worth something to me but it's hard to say. If you want to paint it then do it, I wouldn't but that's because I like it as is. I agree with another poster though, I wouldn't paint the sails it'll look way more high end if they stay metal. If you are interested in trying the leaf this would be a great piece to do it on though so maybe that's a good way to go, paint your base leaf the sails... it's up to you really, unless you plan to sell it if you won't use it as is might as well make it yours. I'm jealous of your find though!!

Is This Ship Sculpture Worth Something? Good Questions
5/8/14 12:40 PM

I love it! well done, I like the handles too i think they go nicely with the piece! I can still see the detail you sanded over, maybe there was more that the pics are lacking? I have a buffet I refinished the top was water stained really bad but the front was ok, I was afraid to sand the front because it had so much beautiful pattern to the wood! I didn't end up sanding it, I would hate to lose the detail, it's why I love the piece so much! Good save and I know you learned a lot (I did) so next time you know what NOT to do!

Before & After: A \"Wreck\" Gets Beautifully Redone
5/8/14 12:07 PM

I'm pinning this because my son has been begging for a tree house and this is probably the best I can do this year. I'd like to add walls and a roof at some point but this would be perfect for this year! I'm thinking railings with those pillows would be comfy to lean on! Also these are some of the best comment sections I have seen in a very long time, super helpful, no fighting, you all made my night.

How To Build a Treehouse Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/7/14 11:24 PM

Ah I just saw your comment! I am running in to the same issue, we get one thing done and there is no more money to finish up somethings else! You make do with what you while you and get around to it sooner or later! You should re post if you ever switch the, I'd like to see a follow up :) I can't read french so I can read your blog which is too bad.

Before & After: A Cupboard's Rustic Charm Lives On
5/7/14 11:15 PM

oooooh @ Poppyfields: I like that idea!! I love the doors above but I do agree that they could be hung differently.

*Sigh, I am in the middle of the same kind of renovations and everything keeps moving, I now have to patch two large holes from trying to hang a ladder on my sheet rock, I gotta find a beam. It's all a work in progress and we are both making ours. did you post the kitchen renovation? I'd like to see it, and if you do switch the doors around you should post it again I'd like to see a follow up!!

Before & After: A Cupboard's Rustic Charm Lives On
5/7/14 11:13 PM

I don't consider it cheap myself!

Splurge or Save: What You Need to Know About Buying Paint
5/6/14 04:09 AM

Valspare is awful I have had worse paint jobs done with that paint. It bubbles, why on earth does it bubble? I'm a professional drywall finisher I do my prep, same prep with any other paint no bubbles. Personally I love Behr and while some of the other higher priced high brand names are nice, I don't personally think they are that much better than Behr paint and primer in one. You can sometimes get it done in one coat but I always plan for 2 no matter what brand I use and will have enough leftover for touch ups at a later date (or for use on another project!) I bought a bunch of valspar opps cans before I realized I hated the brand. I have been slowly using them up and can't wait to see them go! Always remember the higher the gloss the more your wall flaws will show, I recommend going with lower sheen (flat enamel maybe satin no higher) for optimal coverage of flaws. Of course sometimes you have a wall that needs a gloss go nuts! I just did a high gloss for a comic book room with a wall broken into square to resemble a comic book page and it came out really cool. I used behr. :)

Splurge or Save: What You Need to Know About Buying Paint
5/6/14 03:30 AM