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This home feels very lived in and loved in. How wonderful that you have family heirlooms that are so usable. From childhood until I met my husband, I had a beautiful antique bed passed down from a beloved aunt. It was so tiny for my tall frame that I had to sleep diagonally. Alas it just wasn't practical anymore when I got married and moved to a small place in a new city.

John & Laurel's Handcrafted Homestead House Tour
1/14/14 12:21 PM

I'm seconding Brooklynnina's message. I spent a small fortune at the emergency vet after my dog ingested a big bag of grapes. Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) and grapes/raisins are highly toxic and can kill your dog. If your dog happens to eat more than a small amount of either, get them checked right away. Raisins/grapes can cause renal failure, and once your pup gets to that point, it's too late. If you feed your dog people food scraps, I find it helpful to have a list of toxic foods on the fridge so nobody forgets.

Gift Recipe: Homemade Dog Treats Recipes from The Kitchn
12/18/13 11:59 AM

ps I've written about Rachel before on Apartment Therapy:

It's Easy, Baby


Zach and Rachel's Evolving San Diego Loft House Tour
11/26/13 11:19 PM

I was pretty excited to do this post, as Rachel has been my BFF for ages -- she was my maid of honor and everything! Having spent lots and lots of time at her place, I can say that the loft is incredibly warm and inviting. The gray is softer in person, and family and friends provide plenty of color. And though it's a shame that they lost all that natural light, it still feels airy inside by day and cozy and beautifully lit at night. I look forward to seeing how Rachel has changed the place every time I visit San Diego. I love this family to pieces -- they are just as creative and fun as they look!

Zach and Rachel's Evolving San Diego Loft House Tour
11/26/13 06:25 PM

The sofa doesn't appear dirty to me. Looks more like it's maybe upholstered in a multi boucle fabric with hints of brown? I love those chevron pillows.

Rachel's All Work All Playhouse House Tour
11/26/13 11:29 AM

I don't have kids, but I think if I did, permanent makers would be banned from my house, or at least would be very well hidden. Maybe I'd get a lockbox for sharp scissors, markers, needles, etc. I know how easily I used to get into all my parents' stuff, so I wouldn't trust the top shelf. Clever solution though!!!

Before & After: From Scribbles to a Clever Surprise
11/25/13 01:33 PM

The only open shelving I have is right above my stove. It's a big black metal shelf from CB2 and I use it to store measuring cups, salt and pepper, rolling pins, etc. It's mostly stuff I use on the regular during cooking. The shelves do accumulate a tremendous amount of grime, though, including pet hair (gross!), even though I wash the actual objects constantly. If we ever get around to redoing our kitchen, I don't think I'd go with open shelving. That said, it makes me very sad that all my beautiful Heath plates and vintage Scandinavian stuff is hidden behind a cabinet door.

Also, to the first commenter who mentioned the KitchenAid -- mine (which is bigger than the one pictured here) is also stored up high like that, because there's nowhere else that it fits. I'm always relieved when I don't fall off the stool as I get it down. Knock on wood.

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/25/13 01:18 PM


Before & After: From Big, Brown Box to Pretty & Posh
11/5/13 11:08 AM

Excellent work!

Before & After: Kate Crushes Her Chair Makeover
9/24/13 10:11 AM

One thing about art that others have pointed out: Your taste might evolve. I spent a good chunk of change on three paintings when I was much younger and in my more punk phase of life. A few years later, I couldn't stand the sight of them. I'd say that unless you have a lot of money or artist friends who will work for trade, stick to affordable wall art, which is readily available. Posters, Etsy prints, vintage maps, thrift store finds, etc. Splurge later when you have the income and are confident that the piece is something you'll want to hang on to forever, or at least for a very long time.

I also think a good fan is essential, especially if you don't have AC. A fan doubles as a white noise machine in my house. I also rely on free apps and (love the free thunderstorm download).

I laughed when I read the comment about the woman who fled the apartment with the mattress on the floor. When I met my husband, he was a postdoc and had recently gotten his own apartment for the first time. He had a decent Ikea wood slat bed -- but had purchased too large of a thin mattress, so it kind of hung over the side. At least he was trying!

You needn't spend a fortune to have a comfortable bed. I purchased an ugly but very sturdy steel frame for cheap and made it pretty with a DIY headboard and a simple bedskirt. We got our mattress on Overstock for a few hundred dollars and it is extremely comfortable. If you have an older or budget mattress that is functional but not ideal, you can prolong its life with a memory foam mattress cover -- a smaller investment that makes a big difference.

Apartment Essentials: 5 Items to Carry From Your First Apartment To Your Last
9/11/13 11:43 AM

My key rack is actually a clear thumbtack. It is minimalist and works great. It also cost, what, a few pennies?

Apartment Essentials: 5 Items to Carry From Your First Apartment To Your Last
9/10/13 01:42 PM

I did that too! Now I have beige carpet with big black spots from trying to rub out the black chalkboard paint drips with nail polish remover. I thought FOR SURE we'd have hardwood floors by now. But no.

Dueling Greens: Clashing Colors As Project Motivation
9/9/13 01:10 PM

@Jdoey: Thanks for your input. I didn't say summer ended on Sept. 1 (the equinox is actually the 22nd). As a matter of fact, some of us do need to wind down our summer activities come fall. I sure as heck am not going swimming in a lake or hiking at high altitude once the colder temps set in. I'm sorry it didn't make sense to you.

Homemade Rituals: How Do You Say Goodbye to Summer?
9/6/13 05:14 PM

@Mandala: We were walking on a trail that passes along private property in Mazama (near a small suspension bridge) when we saw that sign/entry. Can't recall exactly where, but isn't it great? Also, it was my husband's first time on a horse, so we booked a half-day guided ride with Early Winters Outfitters. I'm not sure if they rent horses, but they do arrange pack rides, cattle drives, hunting trips and such. Despite the fact that two riders (my husband and another gal) were total beginners, we covered some steep(ish) terrain. It was fun.

Homemade Rituals: How Do You Say Goodbye to Summer?
9/6/13 02:26 PM

Right? I looked into Marimekko when I was making my headboard and I could've bought a really nice headboard (or maybe even an entire bed) for the same price as the fabric alone. Cool sofa though.

High & Low: How To Make an Amazing Modern Roll Arm Sofa
9/4/13 01:47 PM

The article did include a link but now I've made it *very* clear that you can click through to get all the how-to details. Thanks.

DIY Temporary Botanical Wall Decals The Horticult
8/14/13 07:17 PM

I thought about moving to NYC until I visited my friend in Bushwick and realized that even living in Brooklyn would mean roommates and sketchy walks home from the subway. NYC has a lot of stuff to offer, but reasonable rent will never be one of them. Also, I've eaten out many times in NYC, never at particularly nice places, and $30 for two (or even one!) seems way off.

What Does it Really Cost to Live in Brooklyn? Apartment Therapy's Cost of Living Report
8/13/13 03:09 PM

If you like barre classes, I highly recommend Ballet Beautiful. You can purchase short segments for streaming (or full DVDs) at a reasonable price. They are sooooooooo hard. And the instructor is just gorgeous. She trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan. The first time I tried "Swan Arms," I was thinking, "Really, I paid for this?" but after five minutes of graceful flapping my wings were about to fall off.

How I Used YouTube As a Home Personal Trainer (and Dropped 25lbs)
8/13/13 12:16 PM

You guys, be sure to check out the original post on ModCloth. I wasn't able to repost all the images because of copyright issues. There are some really neat old ones on there. So cool.

Vintage American Dorm Decor ModCloth
8/8/13 01:58 PM

Wow! What an inspired idea! I wonder how the paint would hold up in drizzly Seattle. We're building a patio next summer and I'd love to add a splash of color to brighten up the backyard during our long, gray winters. Great job!

Before & After: Sara's DIY Block Quilt Patio
8/7/13 12:03 PM