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Everyone seems to have matching "glass" wine goblets. I began scouting for single, cut crystal wind goblets and now have 8 - each different and unique. They look fabulous on the silver tray I scooped years ago. If this idea appeals to you be sure to run your finger around the edge of the crystal goblet to see if there are any burrs or chips.
And pearl jewellry - pick up the piece and carefully run your teeth over the pearls. If you sense a grittyness then you have real pearls; if you sense a smoothness the pearls are paste. I realize lots of readers would think this is rather a germy way to assess but it is nonetheless fool proof.

Found It? Buy It: ALWAYS Snap Up These 8 No-Regret Items At Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Thrift Stores
7/20/14 11:46 AM

I had experienced EXACTLY the same issue with a chesterfield I have.
Here is the way to fix this:
Go to a fabric store that sells upholstery fabrics. In a store such as this they will sell a bodkin or long darning type needle that has a long big eye and a shaft that is about 8 inches long. Enlist the assistance of another person. Turn the couch on its side with a person on each side. Remove the cloth that is usually stapled to the bottom of the couch. It is not necessary to remove the whole piece if you are repairing only one button.
Remove one of the buttons from the seat edge and use it to replace the lost one and replace the edge button with a button that is most similar. Alternatively you can replace all buttons at this point; your choice.
Use fishing tackle and thread the bodkin with a double thickness about 24 inches long. There should be two loose ends, do not knot the tackle. Have the person on the underneath side begin by passing the treaded bodkin through to the finished side. (needle nose pliers may be needed depending on the thickness of the material.) The person on finished side will have to verbally guide the way. Once the threaded tackle is through, add the button and then have the person on the finished side pass the bodkin back to the first side. With the button now in place, the finished side person presses inward while the first person knots the two ends of the fishing tackle. Place the cover back over the bottom securing in place with a heavy stapler.
This repair is doable and looks great when completed.
Note to upholsterers: If you add button garnishes to your chesterfields kindly do so with heavy thread, preferably nylon so that consumers are not continually confronting this issue.
If you cannot locate one of these long bodkins then you conceivably can create one by using stiff wire, and put a loop on the end to hold the fishing tackle. And you can locate fishing tackle at most hardward stores....select at least 10 to 12 pound test.

How Do I Replace Buttons on EQ3 Couch? Good Questions
6/5/14 02:16 PM

The next time you are asked what you would like for a gift by a well intentioned relation respond with "a sewing machine." It should be a plain/zig zag machine with no fancy gadgets. Teach yourself to sew. You can create your own clothing, duvet covers, tea cloths, curtains, drapes, pillow and throw cushion covers - the list is endless. This comment is applicable to men and women. It is also a frugal way to add to your sense of self esteem and accomplishment.
To the individuals who think there are too many DIY and frugal living like articles on AP lately I would pose this question. Are you living in the real world, and have you not found everything more expensive in the last two to three years while your earning dollar remains the same??
AP deserves credit for addressing the real needs of people today.

A Roadmap to Happiness: A College Student's Advice on Frugality
5/22/14 03:57 PM

I have a Dyson animal canister vacuum. I wash out the collection bucket and filter regularly. The main operational component which lifts out of the collection bucket becomes quite gritty. I would dearly love to wash it with soap and water however the instructions clearly indicate that this component should not come in contact with water. I have done an internet search to see if anyone to include the Dyson main web site has come up with a way of really cleaning this part but thus far I have not found anyone who has posted how to do this. Does anyone associated with this site know how to clean this part of the vacuum? Help!

Weekend Assignment: How To Clean Your Cleaning Tools
2/23/14 10:29 AM

I live rurally and that may be why there are occasionally more houseflies or mosquitos etc. particularly in the summer. I had open shelving. I always thought it looked cluttered. When I did a renovation of my kitchen I put cupboard doors in front of the shelving. Now I do not have to carefully inspect each dish and glass item prior to use. From time to time with the open shelving I would find little critters who had passed away in the glasses and cups. In my opinion "display" shelves are appropriate in kitchen or bathroom sales rooms not home kitchens.

In the Mix: 20 Kitchens with a Combination of Cabinets and Open Shelving
1/21/14 01:31 PM

I would appreciate an answer to the following by anyone, stylist or not.

Why are rooms "stylized" by the "puddling" of curtains (perhaps they are too long for the window they are attempting to cover,) pictures and mirrors that are leaning against walls or on the fireplace mantel rather than being hung properly, and utilizing animal skin rugs and antlers as decorator items?

8 Stylists' Tricks That Really Work
11/11/13 03:09 PM

I agree with kimithy who suggested roller blinds. Generally the inside measurement of the window is requested. Choose instead the outside measurement increasing the width by one or two inches as roller blinds occasionally curl slightly in width after a year or two. With roller blinds you won't have to be bothered with the frills and flounces of curtaining materials - blackout or otherwise. The biggest challenge will be locating blinds that are long enough from ceiling to floor.

Suggestions for Blocking the Sun in Large-Windowed Apartment? Good Questions
9/16/13 09:46 AM

After I had read through all of the posters' comments I was amazed to see only one single reply from a former creepo head...only one who admitted to be the dead beat room mate. I have come to some conclusions about questionable room mates and if you think you are the room mate in question please try the following:

* have a regular bath - try for every day and purchase and then use some deodorant
* don't move in with anybody else unless you can afford half the expenses - stay where you are; your parent's place or the homeless shelter
* be aware that most folks require 6-8 hours sleep and stop making any noise after 10 p.m.
* get a muzzle and put it on your face if you are compelled to yell out during your sexual adventures that disturb other people (people know this)
* if you cannot or don't like to clean up after you eat or wash your own dishes, eat in a restaurant
* if you have mental health problems go and seek some help. If you cannot afford a mental health person seek assistance from religious leader at your temple, synagogue or church
* stealing is a criminal offense and if you are compelled to steal from others go to the suggestion listed above
* menstral blood - used tampons, pads or cups are your personal responsibility - deal with this overflow and don't subject others visually to your personal monthly discharges, this also applies to used condoms
* if you choose to utilize prostitution as your financial income use other habitation for this business venture and don't use your home as a place of business.
* growing or dealing drugs is your choice but ends up compromising your straight room mate's home. Deal from your car or alternatively try your friends' or parent's home.
* if you are living in a big city why on earth are you subjecting a poor dog to your life. Wait until you can live where an animal doesn't have to urinate and defecate on the floor on a regular basis. Animals do not intentionally want to litter their resting places, to do otherwise is animal cruelty punishable in most civilized countries.
* if you were not brought up to respect others this may be why you are having difficulty with your boring room mate. This is a golden opportunity to modify some dysfunctional stuff that you cart along. We all basically know deep inside if we are sort of dysfunctional and if you happen to land a neat functional room mate their example could be a changing opportunity for you to try out alternatives.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
8/31/13 01:37 AM

This topic's posters' replies have had me in stitches - probably much more delightful for the reader rather than for the person who experienced some of the situations.
In my history I have had the bad luck of having to reside with someone who consistently did not flush the toilet, left underwear where it fell when taken off, newspapers were strewn on the floor after they were read and coats never found a hanger - ever.
I have checked with a few of my friends about the following and there seems to be one consistent with these weird room mate creatures and that is they also never do any dishes whatsoever but always leave them stacked up in the sink. If you, the tidy freak want to use the sink it is impossible unless you remove all the clutter first.
Here's my question - why can't these bizarre folks find one another and all move in together?

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
8/30/13 12:38 AM

Very large carved brass bell from New Delhi, India. It currently resides at our back door on a long brass chain and visitors ring it in lieu of a door bell. Wonderful sound and I love it although my partner had to trek it all over the place while we were vacationing in India; up north and then to Goa before boarding in N. D. It was the muscular portion of his fitness regime while we were away.

What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Flown With?
7/19/13 05:30 PM

When we added a back porch with attached bathroom we had hot and cold water pipes placed through the bathroom wall to the outside and were able to create an outdoor shower by utilizing a hand held shower attachment. Extensions are available to make the hose for the shower head stretch if the outlets for the water are further away from where you wish to actually bathe. It is truly glorious to shower outside! What an experience! When our dogs require bathing we utilize that area as well. We live rurally so privacy is not an issue for us. We reside in British Columbia, Canada so there is one consideration we must remember. That is to have the shower head not attached to the outside tap between November and March. One year we neglected to remove the shower head from the outside faucet and we had back up and freezing in the back bathroom that ended up requiring a plumber to repair.
If an outdoor shower is on your agenda and you reside in a northern climate be sure to have the shower hose removed from the faucet before the frost hits.

Keep It Cool: 15 Inspiring Outdoor
Showers & Bathrooms

6/26/13 11:38 PM

We just completed our bathroom reno. A few suggestions; for floor covering; large waterproof (man made) tiles - they are available - you have to look for them. Also would suggest dark floors in a marble like pattern. We used to have light coloured bathroom flooring and it showed every single piece of lint and hair which, in every single bathroom, falls. Our former light coloured tiles were marble and anything that accidentally hit the bathroom floor broke.

Faith & Mike's Master Bathroom:
The Exciting Bits Renovation Diary

6/21/13 01:09 AM

Well, I guess many of the North American home and garden reno shows can now be considered outed. When it appears (which isn't with any regularity) I watch a British home show version entitled Location, Location, Location. Seeing how those in England "decorate" their homes is fascinating. In some cases designers redecorate by painting right over pre existing wallpaper.!?
My greatest criticism of these North American programs is the never ending stainless appliances, granite tops, animal rugs and antlers....oh and the need to take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create the famous "open concept" and improve sight lines for small children. Give it another few years when the small children are teenagers and wish for a tiny bit of privacy. I mean who wants Mom and Dad peering at them when they bring their first girlfriend or boyfriend over to watch TV................ from the kitchen? Guess that is when the formerly entitled "rumpus room" starts to be a real consideration.

Home Improvement Shows: How Real is Reality TV?
6/21/13 12:30 AM

A tip from a homeowner/once an apt. dweller. If you are in the process of viewing various new builds with an eye to purchasing please do not be influenced by the gorgeous "vaulted" ceiling in entry ways. I think it is a architect's posture in an attempt to make a new build look more palatial than it truly is. It is wasted space that you end up heating and cooling and in the end if you want to remain where you are living you may end up seriously considering what these individuals have done with that space. Note to builders - bookmark this page so when you have a couple that does request a vaulted ceiling you can have them take a look at this and then suggest to them some alternatives.

Before & After: From Ceiling Space to Playing Space
6/15/13 02:57 PM

There are a number of design trends which I do not personally care for. Number 1 is leaning pictures against walls, fireplaces, in bookcases etc. rather than hanging them. I do not particularly care for any of the above alternatives. The other trendy things I do not care for are number 2, "puddled" drapes which are really drapes that are too lengthy for the windows over which they are suspended, number 3 animal rugs (ugh) and number 4 antlers from various animals.
We live in a world where there exists marvellous creative artists, many of who are honestly starving. Why not support these souls and hang their art and creations on a wall where they can be appreciated and loved by all those who pass by.
I feel that making a curtain of a painting (as in your first picture) or even a lithograph over a window is an insult to an artist.

10 More Unconventional Ways to Hang Art
6/6/13 10:27 PM

I agree with many of the above comments regarding packing materials and drawer removal. I have always found I was able to grip furniture during moves I have done more securely if I wore rubber gloves.

Tips for Moving a Mirrored Dresser? Good Questions
5/15/13 03:49 PM

It must have been quite the sale for the person who sold the rock surfacing to your area as I notice your neighbour to your left has it as well. I would choose a time during the year when it is dry and warm. I would wire brush the surface to remove any stone particles and then I would paint it with a good exterior paint. I don't imagine there will be any problem with paint adherence but it will be a laborious process as you will need to get into all the cracks and crevices. There are brushes and rollers available at paint stores that will do this. I have used them on textured ceilings and they perform well.
Best of luck with this project.

Can I Paint Over Exterior Stone Veneer? Good Questions
4/11/13 03:53 PM

I have had workmen in my home for the past three months doing a reno. I was tempted to duct tape the toilet seat in the down position as it was consistently left up by them. My partner said I shouldn't do that as I would find urine on the seat. Unless men defecate with the seat in the up position it would be nice if they returned it to the down position after urinating. I realize there is a camp of folks out there that insist on the seat being closed when not in use because of their fear of what might come up the drain. Unless you are living in the jungle where reptiles may swim through the sewers, the seat in the down position is very convenient for the woman in the home.
I am totally with the poster who loathed rubber backed bath mats...they don't wash well and the rubber flakes off in great chunks...Why do manufacturers continue to make these things?
Liquid soap in nice containers are ideal for hand washing in the bathroom rather than having to confront a soggy soap cake in a dish.
A fan in the bathroom is great on weekends when we take turns letting the other sleep in....first up turns on the fan and the one in bed doesn't hear a thing of the one getting breakfast.

Strong Feelings about Bathroom Decor
4/10/13 12:14 AM

Life is full of choices isn't it?
In all fairness many who locate their televisions over fireplaces often have no other place to locate this piece of technology, not to mention the fact that in many homes what is being televised seems to be of central importance to those that reside there.
Add the tv over the fireplace to the list of things I do not care to see in homes along with dead things like animal hides on floors in lieu of rugs or on walls for decoration and skeletons of animal heads and antlers for the same purpose. There is so much beautiful art in the world why the above is highlighted over and over again is quite beyond me.

The Home Theater Mistake We Keep Seeing Over and Over Again
4/3/13 11:42 AM

The water you boil the eggs in must cover the top of the eggs. Running the eggs under cold water (right in the pot they have boiled for 10 minutes) is the key to being able to slide off the shells. Taking the shells off the eggs after they have been under running cold water for a few minutes seems to allow the shells to slide off more easily rather than storing them in the shell in the fridge.You can store these shelled eggs in the fridge in a covered plastic container for a few days.
Gadgetry to "cook" or hard boil eggs is unnecessary as long as you have a temperature resistant pot in which to boil the eggs.

Where Can I Find a Gadget For Making Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs? Good Questions
3/12/13 11:42 AM