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I use a mixture of borax, soda (can't remember if it's washing or baking), and citric acid. I put white vinegar in as a rinse aid and have no problems with cloudy dishes. The water's not too hard here though.

Make Two-Ingredient Powdered Dishwashing Detergent
Natural Home

7/3/11 12:37 PM

I wish I could like comments here. Starlinguk pretty much sums up the arguments. As a parent this thing is a lifesaver. Yeah, it's not the first line of defense but it's certainly useful. I'm a renter. I don't have the luxury of leaving the crayons marks on the wall.

Magic Erasers: Toxic or Terrific?
7/3/11 12:34 PM

I think the flavor is better when you squeeze it fresh but I've never had a problem with the stuff from a bottle. It's actually rare for me to use my citrus that way though. Usually we end up eating it so the juice never makes it into our recipes.

Fresh Squeezed Juice: An Essential or a Luxury?
3/1/11 01:56 PM

I have a cat who's a companion animal. Lately her sleeping in my bed has made the difference between whether or not I've been able to fall asleep (bouts of insomnia). I don't need meds for it, my cat has been help enough. The benefits far outnumber any possible risk of germs.

Furry Bedfellows: Do You Sleep with Your Pet?
NY Times

2/18/11 01:46 PM

You'll have to remember that the heat from those candles will have to go somewhere if its a fake fireplace. I had wanted to do the same thing with mine. Instead I now have my mouse cage hiding behind the screen. If you wanted to put a wine rack down there then yeah, you could use a screen to disguise it. Personally I like it for storage if you can't use the candles. Let's face it, apartments are usually small. What waste the space?

What To Do With Non-Functional Fireplace?
Good Questions

2/15/11 06:13 PM

The first thought that popped into my head was add some white and a bright, sunny yellow. Maybe a daisy theme?

How To Make This Paint Color Work in a Girl's Room
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2/14/11 10:19 PM