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Failing getting the landlord to go along with glazing as some others suggested and I would too suggest, perhaps you could just cover it up? Use that foam adhesive strip stuff to adhere 12x12 slate, ceramic or even mirrored tiles over the ugly pink ones. You could probably even go Asian inspired and put up reed or bamboo matting. Finish either off with a bit of trim adhered with the same adhesive; if you go mirrored with maybe a chrome strip, with the matting a piece of bamboo, or with the tiles with a richly stained wooden rail.

I don't know what you'll do with that toilet though. Maybe the landlord might let you glaze that? Maybe it could have an "accident" and your friend could replace it with a fresh white one? Either way that seat must go, but please don't go with a tacky wood one or, even worse, one of those nasty cushioned ones!

Other than that, accent with simple and few accessories; a nice painting or print, a basket with towels, a shaving bowl and brush, a cloth shower curtain with chrome hooks, etc. Keep it simple and uncluttered and clean and it will be fine.

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2/7/08 11:17 AM

When packing, put like items together and label the boxes (on the top and at least 2 sides) by what rooms the items inside will need to go in. If you're really organized when moving, like I am, also number the boxes and have a master list of what is inside each one, that way when you're looking for something specific you know right where it is. Also, be sure to pack all of your necessities for the first couple of days separate (clothes, toilet paper, toiletries, a pot, pan, kitchen and eating utensils, a few dishes and cups, cell phone charger, pet food, etc.) and put that box or bag in the truck last or have it with you in your car if you're driving separately. I've moved 22 times in my life and trust me, these strategies will keep you sane in all the chaos of moving.

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2/7/08 10:53 AM

I read this book not too long ago and I must say it was an interesting read. I didn't feel that Lomborg was saying "our reaction to global warming is based on emotional reactions, rather than reason", but he explores how global warming, and specifically the significance place on reducing carbon emissions, is being blown way out of proportion by our current media. He gives detailed information from his own research to show how little we can actually do to slow global warming by reducing our carbon emissions and what those billions and billions of dollars could be better used for towards saving more people now like AIDS research and whatnot. I say give this book a read, it never hurts to hear another point of view.

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1/26/08 06:58 AM