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When I lived in an apartment, the staff warned us about cardboard boxes and paper sacks having the eggs and hatching in the apartment. The staff at the time was quite happy to learn of any bug sightings and treat on the first sighting and not wait for the population boom.
Anytime someone moved in or out in our building, we'd see a bug. The result was no infestations while we lived there and the building was old and roomy.
Now that I have a collection of cardboard boxes in my house- a life happened thing- we have bugs. sigh.

The Battle of the Bugs: How To Prevent & Get Rid of Pests
8/1/14 01:12 PM

In general, cold summer soups- fruit versions or gazpacho and just blender-ize.
Cream soups- already half way there so finish the smoothing job.
Bisque soups- be a good way to get the protein, just pulverize thoroughly.
Chowders? heavily pulverized.
a fruit + a root soups. tons are out there.
squash + root soups
squash + fruit soups

Any Root Soup allows you to switch up the veggies you add. For your personal tastes, you might need to add more spices.

Purple cauliflower soup can also be done with white, orange, or green. Easy soup- the smaller you cut the florets, the faster the cooking time.

Pretty Pink Lentil soup cooked fast for us and was more appealing to the spouse than a pea soup.

What Are Some Satisfying Pureed Soups to \"Eat\" on a Liquid Diet? Good Questions
7/31/14 06:06 PM

beans, sometimes corn. Goya or other brands who do not add massive quantities of salt. Oddly, the Goya brand usually has far lower salt and a far lower price.

What Canned Goods Do You Buy in the Summertime? Grocery Chatter
7/31/14 02:28 PM

I have heard that back 60+ years ago it was the norm for families to descend on relatives during travels and expect sleeping options and 3 meals a day provided with or without supplementing with additional food or funds. Those folks would drive up- no call or letter or telegram- and stay for an arbitrary time and then move on. Those folks, oddly enough would NOT complain about food, or accommodations.

I have relatives who sometimes appear for a week with warning; complain about the bed, food, house temperature and everything else. This is supposedly a visit, but we are expected to haul them all over while they converse to each other in addition to catering to their erratic food needs. They used to drop in on their way between points A and B, but stopped that after discovering that their offspring has a demanding job which does not allow for the job stuff to be dropped 1-2 days before their random arrival for full attention and fawning mode. They would intentionally show up after being warned of conflicts with work scheduled months in advance and pout for their entire visit.

When we visit them, we stay in a hotel because they have proven incapable of providing much in the way of food, beverage, comfortable climate or a comfortable bed or silence to sleep. Same folks expect their guests to do the cooking and cleaning at their house. We, on the other hand, do not moan and complain constantly about their lack of amenities or hosting skills when we visit them. Living far enough away that a full day of travel is needed to reach these relatives, is a lovely excuse. We do hear the constant questions of why won't we stay with them, mostly from other relatives. Those other relatives also keep their distance.

Meanwhile, I am blessed with a sibling who has dogs- energetic sporting dogs who are not safe around other dogs and are barely behavior trained. I expect to be seeing more of those dogs at my house in the future. Dog poop has been removed by the sibling, but with the behavior issues and my fur and pollen allergy, I'm not really happy to have pets in our house as residents or guests.

The Awkward Files: When (and How) to Say No to Hosting Houseguests
7/30/14 04:47 PM

As someone who reads cereal boxes, I'm not surprised. The traditional "healthy" cereals from my childhood have far less fiber and far more sugar and salt. Those with lots of fiber still need sugar and salt to make them tasty enough to eat. The "kid" cereals from my childhood are now the better options after decades of balancing health with taste encouragement from outside the companies. An older family member is reading boxes now and adjusting memories and perceptions with stunned reality on the cereal aisle.

Bread, I prefer to make myself or choose from a bakery over the majority of prepackaged options.

10 Things Americans Have Stopped Buying (Starting with Cereal and Ending with Bread) Grocery News
7/30/14 03:59 PM

We spent $2K for a 42 year old Arizona ash tree removal by our driveway 2 years ago. Stump grinding was an extra $200-500. Tree was larger than 5 feet across on the trunk, infested with a bug assortment, wet rot and dry rot, and weakened by our extreme drought. Arborist gave it 6 months, at the most, before toppling. It was dropping 2-3 inch limbs on windless days and bigger limbs whenever it could. Height-wise the tree fell diagonally across the street harmlessly, but blocked the street until it could be cleared. Very large tree with hollowing trunk.

This area, north Texas metroplex suburb, does have varying regulations for tree trimmers and removers, including how you stack the debris for city removal. All the regs can add to the prices quoted. The tree was planted by the builder 42 years ago with all the others of its kin in the neighborhood. Most succumbed long ago to bugs, lightning, etc. We did not save the buggy, rotted wood.

The ground stump was 6+ feet wide and 4 feet high with shavings and covered our flower beds more than an inch. Losing that tree cost us the shade from western sun, but also stopped the driveway upheaval, and garage and car repairs if the tree toppled on its own. Peace of mind is priceless and not picking up limbs constantly.

How Much Did It Cost To Remove a Tree From Your Yard? Reader Intelligence Request
7/29/14 11:32 AM

In fall, apple butter! I just freeze the results instead of canning.
Rumor has it you can also bake potatoes, desserts and so on. I'm considering fondue when our temps leave the triple digits by day season with nights a chilly 80F.

What Are Your Favorite Ways to Use a Slow Cooker in the Summer? Reader Intelligence Request
7/28/14 03:35 PM

When the winds are just right, one of our front windows buzzes like a bee is in the house.

What Are Your Home's Most Unusual Quirks?
7/26/14 02:16 PM

We've had good luck with the Bosch brand. Both homes' dishwashers by that brand have the drying element. The brand has multiple price tiers, so pay attention to the features you expect when eyeing the brand in the various stores.
To help your plastics dry faster, rinse agent helps. Vinegar or the commercial Jet Dry, etc.

Recommendations for a Dishwasher with a Good Dry Heat Setting? Good Questions
7/25/14 11:01 AM

Thank you, from our whole household! Since we tweak the recipes we use to our tastes, this gives us a nice rough ballpark figure to start with and keeps us honest. Bonus points for the button to hide it from those who don't need it.

Nutrition Data Is Now Available on Recipes from The Kitchn Editor Announcement
7/24/14 12:40 AM

"different food preferences"=?
Health restrictions? allergies? social choices?
Sounds like there might be some items to avoid, if only we knew.
Formal? or informal?
"Fresh summer"=?? no cooking? grilling?
You need to provide far more detail than you offered, so here is my answer to the general question you asked:

salad- fresh fruit or a panzanella salad. could be grilled fruit.....
protein of choice- grilled or not
seasonal vegetables- grilled, roasted, or ? two side dishes, or three if you have meatless folks
bread- or not
dessert- grilled, baked or icebox? trifle?
beverages- alcohol or not, fruit waters, lemonades, hibiscus, soda?

Do as much make-ahead as possible. You'll be distracted enough.
I'd treat this like a holiday dinner- practice every dish before the big day, have the food containers ready, have serving utensils ready or shopped for. Dining in the kitchen, dining room or patio?

Can You Help Me Plan a Fresh Summer Menu? Good Questions
7/22/14 05:42 PM

5. I get more satisfaction from thrifting decor and redoing it in our tastes.
Satisfaction from the hunt, plus the redo. That said, I have a list of things for that hunt. Currently, a bedside table with specific or range of dimensions- Height=nn; width= nn, but no more than nn; and depth = less than a different number.
You'd be surprised how long the wait can be for the perfect piece for your size.
To date, 3 lamps are thrifted, 3 side tables, 2 parson's chairs, a bed frame, a few crystal bowls, and a ton of display frames(you try decorating a 15 ft long all white mantel).

Once things settle in here, I'll be hunting another side table and its lamp and with specific dimensions. Side tables and lamps new are both ridiculously expensive.

For clothing, I use Mom's method of "you can have it if it matches at least 3 other pieces in your closet". On sale or not, the item must flatter me and preferably be machine wash/machine dry.

A lipgloss or bodywash can stave off the spending spree, too.

Otherwise, a pinboard or other list for big decor house shopping still works for us. Stow it away and come back in a week or month and see if you still like it or want it. Saved us some serious cash after we moved in 3 years ago. We had some appliance replacements, but the $$ pit was the entire HVAC system 6 months after we moved in. oooof. And it took us 1 year to get things somewhat furnished after move-in. I added more lamps in our house because in winter it's a cave. Someday, the bathroom and kitchen guts will happen, but not any time soon. We still have a few rooms to work on furniture- hand-me downs are functional for now.

Those of you still in the budget crunch after your move, it gets better, but expect the $$ expenses of plumber, trees, roof, etc, too. Plan for it.

How To Cut Down on Impulse Purchases, Save Money, and Buy Things You Really Like
7/22/14 02:55 PM

Try to find a chewing gum without any artificial sweetener.

Americans Are Chewing a Lot Less Gum — Know Why? Good Food Reads
7/21/14 04:45 PM

I can't remember where I saw it, but cheap vodka as a wash for the entire piece. outside, bottom, inside drawer cavities, inside drawers and outside drawers with sunshine drying time.

AHA! Found the link: How to get gross smells out of old furniture. Read the comments for more options including the cheap vodka and the charcoal filled newspaper pouches. Note the comment that some smells are only covered by paint.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Odors from a Dresser? Good Questions
7/21/14 12:14 PM

It occurred to me that all those current lamp designers were inspired somewhere and I suspect the lamp folks are doing the same as their clothing counterparts and "thrifting" ideas.
I do wish for more affordable shade options for my thrifted lamps. Shades for my thrifted lamps can run 20%-50% more than the thrifted lamp price. oof. That said, a thrifted lamp, I rewired and rejuvenated(cleaning or cleaning and painting), plus a shade is still faaaar less than a new lamp from a store.

Found It? Buy It: ALWAYS Snap Up These 8 No-Regret Items At Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Thrift Stores
7/18/14 04:15 PM

Caution/tip for the thrift frame shoppers": I picked up a budget friendly 4x6 frame with broken glass. Framing shop told me they keep 5x7 and up glass pieces in stock; 4x6 and smaller are custom cuts with $$$ cutting fees. I went to their clearance section and picked up the 4x6 clearanced frame for the glass in my thrifted frame. not so thrifty after all that.
You can find some amazing bargains in the thrift frame area, beneath the grime.

Found It? Buy It: ALWAYS Snap Up These 8 No-Regret Items At Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Thrift Stores
7/18/14 03:09 PM

And, your lamps do not need to be identical. More interesting when they are not.
Shades can be white, cream or a color. but the shades should not be a combination of white and cream.

Ideas for Living Room that \"Needs a Little Something Else\"? Good Questions
7/15/14 12:51 PM

1. Art- yours is smaller scale than you need.
*get a bigger piece for over the sofa, hung at about 58".
* create a gallery wall with that art piece and others.

2. light- you need lamps.
*2 lamps for those side tables. Stumped on size? Measure table base height and lamp height= 58" -table height
up to
= 64" - table height
why? floor lamps are 58" to 64" tall from top of shade to floor and you want your table lamp shades to nearly line up with all the other lamps in the room.
* floor lamp- by the chair to create more reading/use space after dark.
** yes, you can switch up the side tables to one by the chair and put a floor lamp by the loveseat. :)

3. Color- pull one or two shades from whatever art you choose as accent colors for pillows, throw blanket, etc. Repeat the accent colors in your lamp bases or shades, and tchotchkes on the tables.

4. reflections- mirrors, metallics, crystal. You need at least one metallic, but two make the room look more established. a faceted bowl or lamp base adds sparkle too.

5. plants- yes. if you have a black thumb, opt for good quality fakes in ferns, or cactus.

Ideas for Living Room that \"Needs a Little Something Else\"? Good Questions
7/15/14 11:05 AM

Sounds like you and he might consider the appetizers common in countries which serve dinner quite late in the evening. "Tapas", "bocas" and "botans" and others are hot or cool bites served in the afternoon to tide the residents over until dinner. In his case, these could be dinner, if chosen wisely. There is an entire culture and contests relating to the creation of these items.

I would guess he can expand his liquid choices? Not to alcohols, but some teas, and fruited waters? I'm not sure if he is avoiding caffeine, but I now some folks do after that surgery. I know some balancing will be required for the diabetes.

I would look at the fruit lassi's from India, and the central and south american aquas frescas, as well. You would have the novelty of new cuisines for him. You and he will still need to balance his intake, but it would mean new fun stuff to try.

What Are Some Flavorful Foods to Savor in Small Portions? Good Questions
7/14/14 04:20 PM

After a repeated destruction of thinner plastic-walled containers, I picked up the cube 2.4 quart OXO pop container- fits nicely in the freezer and gives an easy air seal for freshness.

I've been wondering about the Tovolo. Seems it was created for beautiful scooping.

3 Reusable Storage Containers for Your Homemade Ice Cream Product Roundup
7/10/14 02:51 PM