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This is my plan this year - to make all my gifts. As usual, such a timely article - huge thanks!

Yummy Presents: 40 Homemade Gifts from The Kitchn
Recipe Roundup

11/14/11 02:15 PM

ArchDarling - I agree about the empty-handed thing. And yes clickchick, agreed that flowers require a vase (but not if you buy one when you buy the flowers). Potted plants don't require one but they require ongoing care, so I see the point. But everyone can appreciate chocolate OR wine - pick one and take it to your hostess. I also hate it when people are empty-handed. I know, I know, you're inviting people to have a good time and not to get something in return. But when I've spent days getting the meal together and countless effort and $$, I think someone should remember to bring a bottle of wine.

Which Table Manners Do You Think are "The Essentials"?
11/7/11 02:32 PM

Awesome. Nicely done but not too crazy. Love it.

Before & After: Steph's Customized Roller Blind
10/10/11 08:05 PM

This is my favorite house tour ever. It is so fresh and bright and I love the heavy use of botanical stuff (vases, green stuff, framed leaves, etc). Just amazing.

Elizabeth & David’s Happily Growing Home and Garden
House Tour

8/9/11 04:03 PM

HA! I posted yesterday that it was too busy/cluttered for my tastes. Let's see if today the mods will let that (negative) comment through.

Erika's Beautiful Dallas Dwelling
House Tour

8/4/11 10:14 AM

It's not all white cabinets! Awesome!

Before & After: The Chezerbey Kitchen

8/3/11 03:50 PM

I don't think it's great for relaxing in the tub but awesome for waking you up in the morning before coffee. So fun!

Before & After: From Studs To A Serious Color Explosion

5/18/11 09:27 AM

I have never tried this on a duvet in particular but have tried it on many different types of clothing and it has worked very well: Downy Wrinkle Reducer. Spray, smooth, let dry. I can find it at Target, WalMart, etc; don't know if you're in the US.

Tips for a Wrinkle-Free Duvet?
Good Questions

2/16/11 07:07 PM

Anthropologie is my favorite. I am always checking out their sale prices on crewel rugs. I think the regular prices are too high, but the sales are quite good and within your budget I think. Just to know, the crewel rugs are not so much for plushness as they are for stunning embroidery (and I've machine-washed them with no problems); you'll need a pad underneath to prevent slippage. GL!

Suggestions For Inexpensive Area Rug?
Good Question

2/3/11 09:05 AM