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In los angeles Hotel Surplus had brand new round chairs last time I was there.

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2/3/10 03:46 PM

Resource Furniture in NY has Murphy beds that look like the ones by Clie.

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1/8/10 06:08 PM

I am pretty sure that Moss closed down.

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12/2/09 04:33 PM

dmstudio - thanks for your comment, it gave me a good laugh on a crummy day!

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8/14/09 03:25 PM

Here is a link to a make your own modern bench with plants. it could be a good solution.,20633,1616963,00.html

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6/7/08 10:04 AM

This is a little better, it still looks like a crate but nicer

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5/12/08 01:36 PM

Does anyone know who makes that Vanity? It is exactly what I have been looking for.

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3/25/08 05:05 PM

How about cutting it up and using it for comfy shoe insoles?

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1/25/08 07:03 AM