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yuck. sorry, had to say it.

Before & After: Transforming a Lampshade
Heather Spriggs

7/8/11 07:19 PM

Me too. I prefer the before picture. And what are you talking about the gray paint tying everything together? It looks awful to me. One is white and the other cabinet they painted gray?? I think it would be better if it stayed white and only painted the drawers.

A Colorful Mac-Centric Home Office Gets An Update
2/10/11 03:49 PM

I bought this and not ashamed of it. I don't use it all the time. I still keep a cloth hand towel for everyday wiping. The Kleenex is there for when I see the need to wipe my sink and counter. It's perfect!!

I think some people here need to relax a bit more -- I'm pretty sure you have some wasteful things at home.

Product Regress: Kleenex Hand Towels
2/2/11 05:22 PM