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So beautiful! I love how their home is 'clean' without feeling austere. Warmth and personality everywhere without the clutter. I adore her blog as well :)

Emily Schuman's Modern Rustic Home
House Tour

3/25/11 08:50 PM

@ LondonLois

Letting swappers know the location of the breaker box is genius--one of those little details that you never think of until your hair dryer shorts the circuits in the middle of a rain storm! Having friends take your guests out for dinner or drinks is a wonderful idea as well.

How To Prepare For A House Swap?
Good Questions

3/4/11 05:20 PM

A friend of mine arranged spent a week in London using a home swap website. After a long flight and (early morning arrival) he found that the owner of the flat had thoughtfully bought some basic breakfast supplies (orange juice, bread, butter & jam) and left them in the fridge with a welcome note. I thought it was a lovely gesture--must be so nice to get off a plane and not immediately head to the supermarket!

How To Prepare For A House Swap?
Good Questions

3/3/11 11:32 PM