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We had a problem with our two cats scratching our new couch, until I read somewhere that double sided tape really deters them from scratching. So we tried that out by putting the tape where they scratch and haven't had a scratching issue since! You can buy "special" pet tape or just go to the hardware store and get regular double sided tape. They hate the sticky texture on their paws, and it's quite entertaining to watch them try to touch it and back off immediately. Hope that helps!

Slipcover for Upholstered Bed?
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1/20/12 09:55 AM

Try designerfabrics.ca, they have tons of options and lend out fabric swatches as well. Etsy is also a great resource for fabric.

Suggest Moroccan Inspired Fabric For Upholstery Project?
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3/30/11 09:35 PM