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I like although the amount of info depends on the number of people that post things for your particular block. At least you get to see crime reports (like home break-ins) and home listings.

Online Tools for Getting to Know a New Neighborhood
9/1/11 09:17 PM

Buy cheap everything for your guests!

So my sister in law came to visit and brought her kids. I want the best for my family so I went all out and bought a Queen size Aerobed, and all sorts of expensive placemats, napkins, towels etc., and FOOD. From the very first day, I realized I wasn't going to make the kids obey my super tidy rules in my "museum house" because I wanted them to enjoy themselves and I didn't want them to know me as Aunt Grouchy. Well, from day one, they started jumping on the Aerobed and they broke it. The placemats are ruined because my SIL did her nails on them, and I don't even want to know how much expensive food we tossed away when the kids just wanted to taste things or they just didn't finish it or whatever. I love them dearly but next time I'll save me the stress and buy cheap stuff and put out my old everything around the house.

30 Things Readers Wish They Would Have Known
8/4/11 04:30 PM

Very nice! I also like the white walls and you could paint the shelves in a bright color (red,orange,blue,yellow) to give the room a pop.

Before & After: A Now-Functional Home Office
2/1/11 12:09 PM

I also grew up with the laundry room in the basement. I remember helping my mom carry the laundry up and down was the biggest pain in the butt. The ideal place for me would be in a room off the kitchen, but my laundry room is still in the basement :(

Best Room for the Laundry?
1/31/11 10:06 PM

The biggest luxury one could have is a single family home. I only lived once in a condominium and although it was pretty "lux", the fact that you have to live at the expense and mercy of other people's respect or lack-of just ruins any comfort within your home.

At home, I agree with a good set of knives and a good set of pots and pans. I own Lifetime and Renaware and I would highly recommend them.

Home Luxuries: Which Ones Are Worth It?
1/31/11 10:01 PM