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I would put one panel in each corner of the room on the fireplace wall (so they flank the outside of the room but there are no curtains next to the fireplace) and then just one panel on each side of the larger window on the right hand wall. I think curtains really finish it up and make it look more lived in, but in your case as I would never close them (I definitely like light!) I would just use them as decoration.

Should We Hang Curtains In Low Light Rooms?
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5/25/11 06:39 PM

I don't really like the desk chair, it's drawing my eye over when I would prefer to look at the art or the more interesting counter height chair. But overall it is better.

One Living Room Corner — Arranged Two Different Ways
4/5/11 04:56 PM

I would be careful, some of that ceiling stuff had asbestos in it prior to 1980. Here is a link detailing the process of how someone else removed their testured ceilings:

How To Remove Plaster Detailing On Ceiling?
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2/10/11 01:20 PM

I can't believe that everyone is worried about ash on their floors when really you should just take your shoes off at the door? I had guests over the other day and they all walked in with soaking wet feet. I found it really rude - salt, dirt and snow ruins hardwood floors. What's the big deal, just take off the shoes. Less corrosive chemicals used to clean your house as well, and you can spend the time saved cleaning relaxing in front of that nice fire!

Tip: Fireplace Ashes on the Sidewalk
2/3/11 12:05 PM

In Canada I've seen them mostly in bathrooms, basements or separate laundry rooms. In the US I have seen them mostly in basements (or in my case, a closet) and in the UK most people seem to have only a washer located in the kitchen and line dry their clothes. This is only personal experience, so take it with a grain of salt! I prefer the separate room for laundry as I just don't like having to look at the machines.

Best Room for the Laundry?
1/31/11 07:09 PM