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I wouldn't use the aluminum foil method on anything of value. Basically your electroplating your silver with aluminum. You are removing tarnish, but can also be removing silver (http://scienceblog.com/community/older/1998/B/199801523.html).

As for drain cleaning, the vinegar and baking soda react and loosen the gunk in the drain. I've used is on minor drain issues.

For other green/less toxic ideas, Annie Berthold Bond's book is a good place to start (http://www.amazon.com/Better-Basics-Home-Simple-Solutions/dp/0609803255).

Household Cleaning Urban Myths: Do They Actually Work?
1/31/11 03:52 PM

Good lighting. We all love to read and there is nothing worse that trying to read in the dark.

And, yes, a good vacuum is the best.

Home Luxuries: Which Ones Are Worth It?
1/31/11 03:39 PM