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How about Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." Loved the Brenner's house as well as Annie Hayworth's (Suzanne Pleshette's).

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/3/11 02:40 PM

Not loving it.

Before & After: A Buffet Goes from Old to Bold
Mabel's House

7/21/11 11:11 AM

Strange that shag carpeting made the "could do without" list. Sure, wall-to-wall shag is better left in the past, but shag area rugs have been back in style for the last several years.

American Style Through the Decades: The Sixties
American Style

7/21/11 11:01 AM

My mother has given me several pieces of Roseville that I love, but they don't go too well in my mid-century themed decor. ;-(

Does Decorative Glassware Have A Place In Your Home?
7/20/11 11:16 AM

Candice - hands down.

Who is Your Favorite TV Designer?
7/15/11 12:20 PM

Leave it as-is.

What Color To Paint Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

7/14/11 04:02 PM


Never laughed so hard at the comments - hilarious!

Before & After: Transforming a Lampshade
Heather Spriggs

7/11/11 12:23 PM

My mom had a full Broyhill Brasilia dining room set that she sold for $50 in a garage sale in the mid-90's. We thought it was so ugly then. Now I have a piece of Brasilia in every room in my house - and have paid much, much more than $50... She also had the coolest mid-century teak and brass lamps that hit the trash can. Luckily I found the exact ones on ebay and didn't have to pay through the teeth to get them. Although I feel a little strange now, its like I am re-creating everything my parents had - but they had really good taste!

I Can't Believe My Parents Got Rid Of (Insert Item Here)...
6/2/11 12:14 PM

Looks great, but $2,600 for countertops? That seems high.

Before & After: Julia & Adam's Budget Bungalow Kitchen
5/26/11 12:30 PM

That's a lot of knick knacks, but I admire the organization. Also admire that collection of vintage wallpaper.

Amy & Keith's Candy-Coated Dollhouse
House Tour

5/3/11 01:03 PM

I'd use Robert Allen Bella Porte Citrine fabric:


Would go well with the gray sofa.

Suggest Fabric For Reupholstering Vintage Chairs?
Good Questions

4/14/11 12:48 PM

This was serious too long for something so simple. And what do you do if there is a stain? How long do you leave in?

How to Freeze Your Jeans & "Clean" Them
Apartment Therapy Videos

4/4/11 02:31 PM

I like about 10% of their products - textiles, bath fixtures and the like - but the rest of their current line is overdone and obnoxious.

I'm sad because I used to love getting their catalog, but now they have alienated a good portion of their former customers with this depressing stuff.

Florid Language: Restoration Hardware's New Catalog
3/30/11 01:19 PM

I don't really care for this chair and its part of the reason I am essentially turned off by Restoration Hardware as a whole. It may look ok in the right space, but for most homes I think not.

I used to love this store, but not so much anymore. Now their catalog sucks the life out of me. Too drab for my taste.

What Do You Think of Domed Chairs?
3/25/11 02:49 PM

Get rid of the window curly trim and appliance garage. Change out the handles to brushed nickel, get a larger black microwave, and paint either a light to medium gray (BM Stonington) and maybe do an accent wall in BM Concord Ivory to jazz it up.

Unfortunately if you painted these cabinets (my first choice), you are still stuck with the curved inlay on the upper cabinets which is dated, as well as the exposed hinges.

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

3/23/11 02:38 PM

Search "grand chandelier on canvas" in google and you will see several sites that sell that print - both lighted and unlighted.

Steven & Anthony's Chic Modern Getaway
House Call

3/16/11 04:50 PM

This looks light years better. Bright and clean. Way to go!

Before & After: Dated Kitchen Transformation
2/15/11 05:24 PM

The blue painters is worthless and a mess. aidaan is right - get a good angled brush and practice, practice, practice.

How To Paint a Room
2/10/11 10:31 AM

Bomb shelter.

How To Repurpose Vintage Freezer?
Good Question

1/31/11 02:19 PM