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I've always have a strand of colored LED's near my boys twin beds. They add color to the room year round, and are considered their nightlight. But when Christmas is upon us, they suddenly seem very of the season.

Keep the Glow Going: Twinkle Lights Year-Round
1/2/12 06:54 PM

Perfect for me.

Win This Blue PUBLIC D1 from PUBLIC!
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11/30/10 07:10 PM

"you again" funny!!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Roundup: Bedroom Art Over Head
1/17/09 10:40 PM

So pretty. I'm inspired to sew for my little one's. Love AB's fabrics too.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Amy Butler Little Stitches for Little Ones Entry #20: Collage Skirt Top
10/1/08 09:07 PM

I'd love to have your recipe too.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe Review: Vietnamese Rice Noodle Pho
8/16/08 07:00 PM

My poor tufted back, vintage beauty lost it's leg during such a move. Ex & I finally got the sofa to the 4th floor only to realize it wouldn't fit through the door! So desperate, we forced it a little too hard and the carved leg broke. Sad, but the final damage was done by my puppy while I was vacationing. I now have an Ikea.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Move A Couch Around A Tight Corner
8/6/08 07:36 PM

ready to win. mobiles.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Crafty Mama Book
8/1/08 07:49 PM

We had a beautiful, vintage "youth cot" which an ikea mattress fit. It is as long as a twin, but not as wide or as high. Very shortly after, we built a loft to make room for #2 and he was happy to climb a ladder to his bed; quick learner and adept climber, so the youth cot was retired after only a couple of months.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Toddler Bed or Twin?
8/1/08 07:09 PM


Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Bin-Go Storage Bins by Skip Hop
7/24/08 07:33 PM

I love it and hope it keeps him from standing up!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Flair Highchair by Boon
7/18/08 04:42 AM

My boy would love the monster. I'll have to get another set for his brother. Other colors?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Kideko Bedding
6/27/08 08:46 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Judy Ross' Seeds Pillow
6/27/08 07:59 PM

Happy Birthday Kate Kate. We can't wait to fly kites with you! Love, Nevin & Reed

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Happy Birthday, Kate!
6/26/08 06:31 PM

We would love some new spring toys...donate the old.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Zid Zid Kids and Maple Landmark Package
4/4/08 08:16 PM

arza & bepsf,
I have lived in my small building for 12 years along with several of the other tenants. My neighbors help me with packages and the children up 3 flights of stairs. They do not begrudge the stroller in the foyer recess. It is temporary, with no more children in our future. Our second floor houses the trash, open in the hall, which we all pass each day. Let's just say this is a "casual" building. We are on the top floor and the bikes live near our back door which only one tenant passes. She doesn't mind, as I have asked, but we continue to try to create a space for them in our home. They go into storage during the cooler months.
I do agree that the hall is communal and appreciate the reminder. The constant battle for additional breathing space in this city can be maddening, leaving blank mind, closed heart and infringement on others. I am lucky to have an understanding community that is either impartial, carefree or generous.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: How Can Our Family Survive in a Small Apartment?
4/4/08 07:48 PM

Move the window seats out.
Slide rug toward windows to create sitting area closer
to windows.
Couch should turn to look toward windows. (back to us if photographed from the same perspective.
Modern shelving unit with unit where couch currently is would offer balance and pull the room together.
Lounge chair with head near window/vertigo print.
Round coffee table a communal element in center of sitting area.
Red chair by window. Perhaps a plant or mobile?
Room for a beautiful dog pillow along the right window wall.
"Library, reading area behind the couch utilizing the window seats/lack shelves.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: What To Do Around the Windows?
4/4/08 06:47 PM

We had our living room painted grey a few weeks; white moldings, woodwork & ceiling. The plan has been to add blue: curtains, slip cover for the couch, I love how the color makes the room feel warm with the strong daylight and cooler later in the day.
I put up the old drapes, chocolate, and they look drab. Will we welcome chocolate again in the fall?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Color Combo: Gray and Blue
4/4/08 06:20 PM

We are in a 4 room floor-through that is about 500 square feet. Anchored by kitchen & living room and 2 small bedrooms in the center. No doors. Our family includes me, my husband, an 8 month old & a 3 1/2 year old. Oh, and our large dog. When baby #2 was on his way, we created space by going vertical. Our then 2 1/2 year old began climbing to his "high top bed", loft, which is next to the living room. We took out a closet & built the loft and cabinets in its place. Bookcase up there too. The loft is built so that only the ladder comes to the floor, freeing up most of the floor space for play. Baby 2 sleeps in a full crib under the loft. Low shelves line the opposite wall of their room for toys & books, but most of the toys are shelved on the bottom portion of an ikea cubed shelving unit in the lr. Keeps everything off of the floor for maximum space to play. Murphy bed will go in our room soon.
Also, we have paired down our belongings and rented a small storage unit since closet space is half of what it once was. New closet, still in progress, is being built in a slight recess in the living room. We leave the stroller downstairs and bikes in our hallway. We are still working on having a place for all items to be shelved or housed in cabinets.

Crying baby was never an issue for us. If he cried, he was hungry, fed and put back to bed content...even if it was 3 times a night! My concern now is that the baby will wake #1 son in the morning with his babbling and laughter.

There are days when the walls are closing in and then I rearrange my furniture...again. Good luck.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: How Can Our Family Survive in a Small Apartment?
4/3/08 06:30 PM

love this. we were just talking about how to mount the broom and mop away from little hands.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Store 'n Slide Wall Organizer
4/2/08 04:54 PM

I could see my three year old, who is in constant search of candy, getting his hands on these!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Laundry Drops
4/2/08 04:51 PM