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...No one at Apartment Therapy looked at that name and thought maybe "Deep Dark Africa" shouldn't be featured on the website with such an offensive name?

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7/22/11 12:31 PM

Cute apartment! I guess people only want to see fully decorated apartments like the ones they see stage in mags and blogs. For most people that takes years to accumulate piece by piece unless your budget is other worldly.
I'm going to guess this is someone starting out that is building a base to embellish in the years to come. Not everyone has goo gobs of money to purchase an entire vintage mid-century suite at once.
I say way ta go Stephanie. That's a good place to grow from.

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1/30/11 08:06 PM

Bravo! For the price you did a bang up job. Sometimes you have to start with little improvements to have something you can building on.
If you want to take it to the next step you could remove the curtain rod and place it at the ceiling and find a shower curtain that goes from floor to ceiling to cover up that beige/brown tile. Paint it a hot color and get an over sized runner length oilcloth. Hang some large art work, a framed mirror and bang. It'll be over the top!

Guest Bathroom Gets a Budget Makeover: Before & After
1/30/11 07:54 PM