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While I have scaled down as much as you are planning to, going from having 600sqft to myself to sharing it with my man (and the dog) has definitely forced me to get a little creative.

Purge. I am constantly getting rid of things. Small spaces tend to be constantly "at capacity". I try to make sure if one thing comes in, another goes out.

Storage. Spend money on storage. Clean everything out, sort it, and make sure you're buying storage solutions that work for what you have. It will keep you from struggling to make something work and ending up with the same clutter you had BEFORE you bought it.

Go vertical. Floor space is sacred, go as high as you can!

Outta site, outta mind. Cover as much as you can with doors, curtains, containers. Make sure what you do see is clean and tidy. (I'm totally picturing an awesome curtain from the fridge all along that wall to hide all the little necessities). It's amazing what a clean surface will give you, even if it's stack high behind it!

Get creative. Dressers and book shelves can be TV/laptop stands. If its not storage then it should be functioning. Gotta pull your weight to be in my house!! Hang your favorite art and memories (there is so much wonderful work in Costa Rica).

Enjoy every moment of your new adventure!!

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8/24/12 11:39 AM

@Hollywood Visions. I believe the original quote is: "We’ve had more than 20 people in here at once and have cooked for them all." I don't think they mentioned that they were all sitting at the table to eat. I've tried to entertain in my 625sqft and it works much better to just set out food, napkins, and plates.

Wonderful place and I love all the character. Filing this away for my inspiration. I'm going to be sharing 654 with my other half soon. It will be interesting to see what adding 29sqft and another person+belongings will be like. :D

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2/18/11 12:36 PM

Health concerns? I seriously doubt it. Allergies? Different story.

I try to keep a very clean bed/bedroom in order to cope with my allergies. Having dogs in the bed with all the stuff they pick up in their fur isn't an option for me. However, I do enjoy a good cuddle!

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2/18/11 11:58 AM

Gus is a great company for quality + price. I actually sold their products for awhile at my last job and people were consistently pleased with what they got.

While I love DWR, their prices often seem high. Not that I don't appreciate what they do with the modern just doesn't appeal to me as someone who wants to use their furniture rather than keep it as a museum piece.

They all look beautiful and fit the style you mention, so I'd think about the company. Many companies have different lead times and policies for if something wears wrong over time (which sofas can do...even if they're expensive). Maybe that can help you decide! Good luck. :)

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2/18/11 11:50 AM

You can also remove tubes so that you lower the light level and then supplement with additional task lighting. My personal preference is to only have 2 tubes illuminated in a standard 4 tube fixture while doing computer work. I find I get headaches from squinting due to glare on the top edges of my glasses, so strong light from above (fluorescent or incandescent) is extremely bothersome.

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1/31/11 01:58 AM

Of all the combinations, I really love the Miniforms. I love the idea of a larger low table and smaller higher table. Maybe its just that I have a relatively low and deep sofa that makes end tables look awkward. I would really like to have a small table to pull up for my mug/laptop without losing the coffee table.

The Vibieffe is a great concept (though I feel like the upholstered one should be smaller to contrast the larger table).

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1/30/11 07:49 PM

When storage is short I make the most of every inch! If you look under my bed you'll find a stacks of large art portfolios and rolls of plans along with luggage and some Christmas decorations. Everything is labeled, too.

While I don't follow Feng Shui principals, I do make an effort to keep things under my bed orderly. I don't like the idea of sleeping over dirty socks and junk. Seems like that would be bad energy.

I am planning on moving in a couple months and our new bedroom won't have room for dressers. I'm considering rolling drawers for clothing instead of misc storage.

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1/30/11 07:41 PM