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I use the Ivar storage system from Ikea, it is easy to change the configuration and we have used it for our last few rentals. I have picked it up on ebay and we currently have it in use in the two bedrooms. The wider uprights are the perfect width for coat hangers with enough space to hang bulkier items and with the smaller shelves down the sides I have ample space for shoes and bags. I put a curtain rod on the front and hang a nice curtain across the front to compliment the decor of the room.... too easy

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7/4/14 04:42 AM


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6/10/14 11:51 PM


It's not a trashcan it's a plant pot part of the Skurar range.

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2/24/14 05:30 PM

It does say in the profile that it is rented so one is unlikely to go around ripping up carpet. It would seem that carpet is the new open shelving by the other comments. I am not a huge fan of carpet but as I also currently rent some things you learn to live with, I put up with my crappy carpet in order to have a beautiful view of Sydney Harbour. This is a beautiful and stylish home which flows effortlessly from room to room and is so thoughtfully designed what a wonderful and stimulating home for a child to grow up in.

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2/2/14 03:36 PM

Totally made my day as a New Zealander living in Australia I was thrilled to see this post, it is gorgeous and I would refer to the style as classic NZ with a real touch of relaxed sophistication. Pottery Barn hasn't arrived in NZ yet and has only just come to Australia in the last 12 months. Waiheke Island is such a very special place.

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1/7/14 04:04 PM

Me and Mine :-)

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Hannah and Dave you have created such a lovely warm and inviting home, Frankie-Rose is a very blessed young lady to be growing up in such an imaginative and inspirational place. It has to be one of my all time favourite AT posts.

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10/23/13 05:47 AM

It is a perfect bedroom as far as I am concerned calm yet inspiring and a place for everything. Nice to see a room furnished with items we can purchase in Australia.

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3/13/13 04:39 PM

I am really loving the look of this apartment and I am quite keen on Ikea's great when you see furniture in House Tours on Apartment Therapy and know that you can actually purchase something you really like here in Australia. I also rent and really like my Black and White colour scheme with a little pop of colour here and there. The cat is the perfect accessory

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The plant is a Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica), a standard in most offices in the 80"s and 90's

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9/12/12 10:19 PM

It is from Ikea it is part of the Olunda range

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6/2/12 04:18 AM

Mulesing has been phased out in New Zealand and farming practices are vastly different between New Zealand and Australia.

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1/30/11 06:58 PM

There is a great book called Poisonous2Pets written by Nicole O'Kane, a great reference book for pet owners

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1/30/11 04:04 PM