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This is our first year in our new house and we've gone all out. We built one 8'x4' raised bed, one 4'x4' and one 8'x3'. We also have 6, or 7 standalone containers for tomatoes and one herb planter box by our back door. Altogether I have the following:
1 - Apple Tree
7 - Varieties of tomatoes from heirloom to roma to cherry
2- Broccoli plants
1 - Jalapeno
2 - Green bell pepers
2- Yellow bell pepers
1 - Peas
1 - Walla Walla onions
1 - Red onions
2 - Strawberry plants
1 - Rhubarb plant
3 - Cilantro
1 - Italian Parsley
2 - Zucchini
2 - Cucumbers
Many basil plants
3 - Blueberries. 2 of the same variety, one different.

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6/1/09 03:52 PM

i posted links to the worksheets (in PDF form) in the flickr pool. they're on rapidshare which was the best place i could find to host. I can email them to you if you need them too, or someone else can host.

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I use Method, the white one with no scents, additives, etc. I use Meyers Clean Day dryer sheets - lavender.

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10/13/08 11:20 AM

I'd like to sign-up!

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He definitely does have a glass bottom swimming pool as well as a hot tub next to it, a black light room filled wall-to-wall with fish tanks of exotic fish and coral made of clear/white seaforms. The table is beautiful/long and always adorned with glass in one shape or another, and this all pales in comparison to the rest of his studio. Dale has exquisite taste and always has some sort of collector nick-knack lying around. If you ever get the opportunity to tour his place, don't pass it up.

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6/24/08 01:25 PM

How old is your pup? They enter into a fear phase around 2 months that is seriously the death of all things. Our dog was the same, screamed and screamed in his crate (even though we did everything right) for quite awhile, even his x-pen. We live in an apartment and dropped notes on all of our neighbors doors, letting them know we had a new pup and that if his wails were bothersome to please give us a call or knock on our door. We found that (a) putting a blanket over his entire crate helped (maybe because he can't see out) and that (b) eventually, after doing that long enough, he just adjusted. I know it's hard, but it will get better with him eventually. He just needs to get use to being without mom and dad, and learn to like the crate.

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These look awesome!

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use the expedit. mine is completely full (the large one and the small one) and it's doing great.

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