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Hmmm... seems like those benches and cushions aren't very well suited for outdoor use. They look rad, though.

Elsie & Sergio's Budget Backyard My Great Outdoors
8/20/13 03:27 PM

artists is Sullivan Anlyan. She's amazing.

Jill's "Peacock Fabdonkulous" Room Room for Color Contest
6/11/13 10:18 AM

Is it free? per show pricing? subscription? available via roku? tell me more.

Yahoo! Screen: A Netflix Replacement?
10/5/11 04:40 PM

In addition to an ever-present smell of garlic in the kitchen and a garden I lacked the skills to properly maintain, the previous owners of my first home saw it fit to leave behind slew of random items. The most notable are:
• a pair of foot-tall chintz ceramic cats
• a garden tiller with no kill switch
• potpourri sachets in every closet
• a set of brass, horse head fireplace tools

It Came With The Place: Inherited Treasures
7/19/11 03:46 PM

These are so stinkin' adorable! But what happens when it's time to split the hive next spring... spend another $900? Truth be told, I'd much rather have these stylish little numbers neatly lining my yard than my traditional hives, but they seem ridiculously cost-prohibitive. You never know quite how quickly your colony is going to grow and traditional boxes make adding an additional super or brood box easy and accessible. I'm just a "backyard beekeeper" and within two years, my hives have quadrupled. If you don't split hives when they outgrow their habitat, the queen is likely to initiate a swarm and you'll end up with no bees at all (sob:(). But, if you use traditional Langstroth components and you possess even the most basic carpentry skills, you'll never be without a spare box. If $$$ isn't an issue, these actually look awesome, well thought out, and user-friendly. I just adore bees.

The Beehaus Beehive
7/15/11 03:30 PM

I don't get it? Is this for solitary bees or honey bees? What is a bee nest? A hive? This beekeeper is confused as to the purpose of this albeit cute contraption.

Bee Station
Daily Find

4/7/11 04:06 PM

Beginning beekeepers need to start with the basics...
This is how I learned. Not to be discouraging, (actually, quite the opposite :) but it's not something to just jump into. It's too expensive of a hobby to go into blind. Find a local bee club – if you live in even a moderate size city, you should have one. They usually meet once each month. Go to a meeting – beekeepers are very friendly folk and love to share what they've learned. You will find more than enough info to get you started, and a support system to get you through your first years.
I would never give it up, but even three small hives are quite a bit of work. I'm glad I knew what I was getting into.
Oh, and my best piece of advices – don't buy your bees online (a "package"); start with a nuc from a local apiary. Good luck :) bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Beepods: Urban Beekeeping Kits
2/20/11 06:49 PM

While this may seem like a good idea, as an urban beekeeper, I see some fundamental flaws with this system. 1st and foremost, the drastically reduced honey-holding capacity means constant feeding and constant care from the beekeeper. Bees need their own honey and they need space to store it. For those in colder climates, I don't see how even the tightest clusters would be able to keep sufficiently warm in this pod. Given, I haven't investigated this thoroughly and I may VERY well be mistaken. But, if this inspires more people to backyard beekeep, that's rad. The price, however, would limit it to those with $$$ to spare.

Beepods: Urban Beekeeping Kits
2/11/11 02:44 PM