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Cocoa, aka chocolate, is a problem for me too. Also, cane that rules out molasses. What I found for the few times I've truly missed chocolate (ice cream/sorbet or cake)...

Making a chocolate sorbet but using toasted carob powder and a strong coffee in the base. It was so intense...the coffee balances the inherent sweetness of carob.

For cake, a ginger chocolate cake (one from this site, posted in December 2012 I think), but using toasted carob powder in lieu of cocoa, carob syrup in lieu of molasses, and adding powdered coffee. It was very good. Dark and rich without being too sweet...not a chocolate cake at all...far better.

Be prepared to experiment to find a good alternative that satisfies your cravings. Create new cravings.

How Can I Satisfy a Chocolate Craving...Without Chocolate? Good Questions
2/13/13 01:53 PM

@rochellegreayer, There are a variety of copyright designations pertaining to downloading photos for various uses, including personal, non-commercial use which is what I suspect you intended to suggest AT readers might use for download purposes. At least, I hope you intended that. Photographers typically assign copyright to work that guides online viewrs. Please take a look at the New York Times link above. Just because someone can technically take something from the internet and use it, doesn't always mean that they were supposed to.

I don't believe you intended harm by your suggestion, however I do believe that using the word 'swipe' was not appropriate. If you want to suggest that people clip a magazine reference, great. Be specific. But advising people to download and copy, should be done with a caution about checking for copyright. As for using the term swipe, that just isn't what I want to see on any AT article.

Garden Design Comes to Apartment Therapy
The Gardenist

3/24/11 12:00 PM

@Jenn Zynn who said "Seriously, melic ? You don't encourage people to keep a clipping file of ideas that inspire them?"

Sure, I do ask people to show me what inspires them. If it's online, I ask them to send me a link to the site where they saw a photo of something that they liked.

However, I don't tell them to "download it, make a copy of it, swipe it if you have to" To swipe is to steal, according to the Oxford dictionary. Do you want to read AT contributors encouraging that? I sure don't. It reminds me of the issue at the NYT posting, where an online contributor told readers to take photos off sites like flickr and print them up for inexpensive art, with little to no regard for copyright in the initial article.

You also said "I suspect you are overreacting to something that is not a threat to you or any other." No, I'm not. Photographers, including myself, have and are running into this issue on a regular basis. Unfortunately, people think that everything that is shared for viewing online, is somehow free for the taking. In my mind, it's not different from going into a grocery store where things are displayed for you to buy. Not displayed for you taste or take it without paying for it. People are going to do what they want, but again, I'm not pleased to see an AT article suggest people swipe things.

"I do realize that designs *do* get lifted in total and reused elsewhere, and I do agree that in a competition setting, that is wrong (witness recent scandals in the world of the Chelsea Garden Show) but most applications of an inspiration photo will be modified to the site. And at that point, is it still the same design?"

I wasn't talking about the design. I was talking about downloading, copying and swiping photos, which was the suggestion that was made.

Garden Design Comes to Apartment Therapy
The Gardenist

3/24/11 11:53 AM

My primary work is as a landscape designer, so I was happy to see that AT had finally included gardens. But I am also a photographer who is well aware of the implications of copyright and how individuals can assume that grabbing images of the internet for personal use is 'okay'. You can imagine my dismay then, when reading along through your first post I came to:

"So there you have it, my first lesson in garden design. If you want to create a treasured place, figure out what sparks you; find that picture that makes you yearn to be there. Then download it, make a copy of it, swipe it if you have to"

Please, do not encourage people to "download it, make a copy of it, swipe it if you have to". I will not be reading this, or other AT posts if the contributors encourage readers to swipe photos.

Apartment Therapy uses a copyright symbol, ©, right at the bottom of each page. Somehow I can't imagine it would be pleased if its content was getting swiped.

Garden Design Comes to Apartment Therapy
The Gardenist

3/23/11 04:01 PM

I'm going to second an earlier suggestion from NDprairiegirl to use a gray paint where you can on the walls. I work in an office with lots of wood, some of it a honey yellow. Some walls are dark gray, others are white. The floor is a dark gray marmoleum. They all balance the wood.

I remembered an article 'decorating for men' and one slide is The Wonders of Wood, which does suggest not going overboard. Maybe your husband could look at this slide? The same article has another slide showing a lighter gray on the wall and even has one slide for Tactful Taxidermy. Although, fish are far easier to deal with than a bear....

I wish you the best of luck. And I'm thankful that I only have sport bike motorcycles to incorporate into my space.

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

3/23/11 02:02 PM

@ MLH22, when needed, I used baking soda on the pan. If even that doesn't work, i.e. gunk where the handle attaches to the pan, I use Comet.

Regina's Favorite Pan: All-Clad 9-Inch French Skillet
3/21/11 12:58 PM

Not long ago I made a Tourtière (meat pie), and the juices escaped the pastry and baked onto the oven floor.

I sprinkled baking soda on the area (a thick coat of it), and then spritzed that with water so that it made a paste without me having to mix/spread one on. After leaving it alone for about 30 minutes I was able to start wiping up with paper towels. Most guck came up without too much scrubbing.

How Do I Clean a Black, Burnt Blob Off My Oven Floor?
Good Questions

3/17/11 03:37 PM

I have the 7 1/2" French Skillet and it is my favourite pan. I probably wouldn't have it, except for the luck of walking by Williams-Sonoma one spring day and spotting a display of them for $29.99 Cdn. It was the best deal, ever, for my kitchen.

Regina's Favorite Pan: All-Clad 9-Inch French Skillet
3/17/11 03:30 PM

@lmstanley The wallpaper manufacturer and source are listed in 'The Budget'. That particular paper is not showing up on the website but you could always contact the manufacturer directly and find out if it's still made and perhaps distributed in your area.

I am tickled to see that the manufacturer is a 15 minute drive from my Toronto home...wondering if they have a showroom open to the public...

A Slow & Steady DIY Kitchen Renovation
3/17/11 01:41 PM

Somehow I don't think this was ready to go live...

Rochelle's Sample Post
New York Magazine

3/17/11 01:19 PM

I had no idea finding a good can opener was so difficult. The one that's never failed me over the last 20 years is an old earlier iteration of their 'Lock-and-Lift Can Opener'...

Why Is Finding A Good Can Opener So Difficult?
3/16/11 02:41 PM

Recently I started baking with coconut oil. Even though I couldn't smell anything remotely smokey, every batch of cookies that contained the oil set off my smoke detector.

A Healthier, More Flavorful Fat? Consider Coconut Oil
3/15/11 12:20 PM

@bettersaturday I could never prevent cats from jumping on the bed, even if I had wanted to.

On The Problem With Duvet Covers
3/9/11 05:00 PM

On the flip side, chances are good you'd use a duvet cover way more than cocktail dress, so the cost per use would be justifiable, no? Yeah, I can't quite swallow that rationale either.

When I had pets, I bought duvet covers, from Ikea, that I could easily part with once they had too many pulls from claws.

Now that I'm without pets, I've put out more costly duvets (I have two so that I can mix things up), but bought those at a discount store because I cringed at full prices.

Every so often I look at new sets of bed linens and imagine getting some fabulous duvet cover to dress the bed up but stop when the price is $200-$300 and up.

On The Problem With Duvet Covers
3/9/11 04:43 PM

The one question that helps me decide to give away or toss something is: what situation will make me use this again?

For the longest time I held on to clothes and things that were in great condition, simply because they were just that. In the example of the clothes, the reality was that I was not going to wear them again because the activity I bought them for was no longer something I did.

I kept thinking 'but one day I might just need them'...when I finally asked myself the question above it was easy to find a new home for them.

Questions to Help You Decide: To Toss or Not to Toss?
Whole Living

3/9/11 04:31 PM

The average bookstore is more likely to carry average gardening magazines. Finding good gardening magazines and true landscape design publications is less common in North American bookstores. I say this as a landscape designer - in our office we rarely keep any of the more commonly available publications we find here, as long term references. We find the most interesting magazines in Europe.

That said, for the former, try Gardens Illustrated and for the latter, Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Recommend Landscaping & Gardening Magazines?
Good Questions

3/9/11 01:18 PM

The zester/rasp with holder from Lee Valley is one of my favourite kitchen tools

It's actually a Microplane and also comes with protective sheath which is handy when you've got it stashed in a drawer.

Zest Of Life: 5 Classic Citrus Zesters
3/8/11 05:16 PM

It's a sweet space. I do wonder how long this has been sitting in the posting queue...when you visit Ariana's blog they no longer live in the house this kitchen is part of.

Kitchen Tour: Ariana's Charming Bavarian Kitchen
3/3/11 03:06 PM

When I only ate greens occasionally, using towels and a colander to dry greens was okay. But as I began to eat and serve more of them, it felt like a pain to use towels or wait for things to fully air dry. Using the spinner speeds things up, for me at least. It's the only gadget I use.

Spin Right Around: 5 Salad Spinners to Consider
2/17/11 04:42 PM

I too have an older version of the OXO, in the small size (there were 2 options at the time I bought it). It's held up for 7-8 years, far longer than zip-cord models I'd had before it that never lasted for more than a year.

It's also useful for washing and drying fresh berries and herbs.

Spin Right Around: 5 Salad Spinners to Consider
2/17/11 04:21 PM