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I like these, as well as the mocha. I keep them on hand for when I need a little pick me up. I too was a little disappointed with the sweetness, but I found them much better than the starbucks frappuccinos.

Product Review: Trader Joe's Caffè Latte
4/5/11 01:34 PM

hah, I love that you have a list of spices! I do the same thing with a list of my current fresh produce, which I am always forgetting on the counter or in the back of the fridge. List makers unite!

Displaying Lists, Notes & Emergency Info at Home
3/25/11 10:12 AM

Bacon! Such a pain to clean that grease up. Definitely potatoes - I HATE how long it takes to cook them in the oven. Santizing my sponge. Leftovers/frozen veggies/popcorn of course. Frozen dinners - am I the only one?? Ya, I'm lazy. It is a great way to steam veggies and keep the vitamins/enzymes in. Aging egg whites for baking. Melting Brie! The list goes on - I have a terrible oven (rental) so I use my microwave ALOT.

Warming Food and...? How Do You Use Your Microwave?
2/11/11 04:11 PM

Not only wasteful, but also trashy in my opinion. Trashy as in classless, not just trash-creating. Notice how the nicest hotels and restaurants do not use disposable towels? When I have a bunch of guests over I think ahead and put out a couple extra hand towels.
This commercial made my heart sink too. Total regression.

Product Regress: Kleenex Hand Towels
2/2/11 01:52 PM

I have an Ikea pax wardrobe that came with my apartment, and it has this crappy plastic backing. You could take that off, or cut it so you could nestle that little white box inside the wardrobe and use the hanging space above it for shirts. that way you wouldn't be sacrificing that extra little space!

Suggestions For Wardrobe In Small Apartment
Good Question

1/28/11 09:25 AM