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With all of my friends recently married, this has been a hot topic of conversation. We all paid A LOT of money to have these beautiful professional photos taken of one of the best and happiest days of our lives, therefore we will, without shame and with a boat load of pride, display them all over our homes. If people think this is vain or somehow oddly self-centered to want to be reminded of such a happy time in our lives, when we were surrounded with all of the people we love, well then they don't have to visit me in my home. And if they are people that I do want to visit me in my home, then there are probably pictures of them on my walls too! I love being reminded of and surrounded by the people I love and it's silly that other people would care so much about what someone has hanging on the walls of their own home. To each his own, I say!

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9/21/12 12:02 PM

We're lucky enough to have a big window over the sink in our small rental kitchen, the window sill, along with the ledge on the stove, has provided a nice place for candles, pretty measuring cups, salt/pepper shakers, etc. I also have a wine rack that's provided nice decoration (even when it's empty!) and some simple art I wouldn't worry about being in the kitchen. I'm also a big fan of the command hooks for a calendar and some pretty anthro inspired hot pads/oven mits. I love to keep my colorful dutch oven on the stove, too, instead of a teapot since it's used much more often, and there isn't much storage room for it elsewhere!

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3/29/11 05:59 PM

We got married almost 6 months ago and have yet to enjoy most of the things from our registry. We currently live in a small 1 bedroom apartment while our registry gifts live 4 hours upstate in my parents basement! I'm sure my parents wish we had registered for less but I have no regrets when it comes to registering. We went with our gut and registered only for things we knew would last a long time and were neutral enough that we would still like them in 5/10/20 years. We didn't receive everything from our list, namely a lot of the small kitchen gadgets and things people don't use or need, and I'm glad for that. We did receive most of our C&B china, towels, pots/pans in both the Calphalon set and cast iron, everyday glasses, Kitchen-Aid mixer, waffle iron, and dutch ovens. I know I'll be very grateful for all of these items when we finally move into a house and I won't have to buy all of these pricier items at once!

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3/24/11 01:24 PM

I like to change my sheets every week but I'll let it go for 2 weeks depending on the circumstances. To avoid having to change my pillowcases more than every 4-6 days (never letting pillowcases go more than a week), I rotate then flip my pillow so I'm always sleeping on a different part of it. But clean sheet night is always the best!

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3/2/11 09:18 PM

These would all be great additions to our newlywed kitchen! And I really look forward to using the book when we entertain all of our visitors, it might even get my husband helping in the kitchen!

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