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Cool little place - love the bathroom print, but the extra towel hanging on the bathroom door should go if the door is generally open that wide. (Might just be that it's in the middle of the pic, but my first thought was 'drapey')

Great sofa, and I love the white-on-white artwork in that room. The neutrals really work here, but I agree about the need for more closed storage.

#2: Suzanne's Studio of Salvage
4/11/07 07:30 PM

I like what he's done architecturally, but don't care for the furnishings at all.

#1 - Phillip's Pad with a View
4/11/07 07:21 PM

Too sterile for my taste; looks like a hospital, not home.

#1 - Manolo's Shiny Bachelor Kitchen
4/11/07 07:16 PM

Bright & cheerful - looks like a fun, casual place to hang out. It's REAL!

#4: Delight's Cozy Nest for Three
4/11/07 07:09 PM