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Also I personally would only paint the centre wall with stripes. All of them might be too much.

Tips for Painting Stipes in My Boring Dining Room? Good Questions
7/28/14 08:22 AM

If you have the original paint handy, mark your stripes out with tape and then do an initial coat with the wall colour before painting the stripes. This will stop the stripes bleeding and give you a nice crisp line.

Tips for Painting Stipes in My Boring Dining Room? Good Questions
7/28/14 08:20 AM

My 5 month old is asleep now. There are no monitors. I'm far enough away that I can only hear him when he makes proper noise. I don't feel the need to constantly check on him as he sleeps. He has more bedding than is recommended because he sleeps better when he's not cold (duh). No kid is going to grow up and say "thanks, mum, for monitoring my every second, shadowing my every move and never leaving me be".

Baby Monitoring: How Much Is Too Much?
7/24/14 08:57 PM

Ugh. Chevron and zig-zag are not the same thing. That bottle? The pattern is ZIG-ZAG. Not chevron. That's what bothers me most about the 'chevron' trend... They're not even bloody chevrons!

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/24/14 08:09 PM

Great facelift. I love old desks like these, their uses know no bounds!

I did laugh at your "change tables are a waste of money" comment. I know I thought so too, although I was not as emphatic as you in my belief, but I certainly hope your back is stronger than mine!

Before & After: A Hand-Me-Down Desk Is Reborn
7/15/14 11:22 PM

Because blogs like YHL do DIY countertops and fail at it, although they don't admit it, instead claiming them to be great.

10 Actually Awesome Countertop DIYs
7/8/14 05:02 AM

It's MelbOurne, Carrie.

A Renter-Friendly Bedroom for Nicky & Vinny My Room
7/3/14 12:28 AM

Jennifer did you bother to research the true qualities of introverts & extroverts?

Design Tips for Introverts & Extroverts (and How to Tell Which One You Are)
6/19/14 06:46 PM

One of these things is not like the other. Love them all except Animal Print Shop. Her prices are ridiculous.

10 Wall Art Pieces for Kids OR Adults
6/19/14 06:33 PM

Oh, sweetie. Bless.

Brittany's NYC Sanctuary Small Cool Contest
5/23/14 10:14 PM

I guess I'm the lone voice of dissent. The bones of the apartment are lovely, and perhaps it's just the poor photos not doing it justice, but it seems very bland and not that cohesive. Some nice elements are there and there's so much potential but it just doesn't do it for me.

Brittany's NYC Sanctuary Small Cool Contest
5/22/14 12:11 AM

I think you'll find 'Melodie' is 'Elodie' with an M, Miranar (as opposed to the correct spelling 'Melody'). Elodie is an old name.

Could we please have a source for the mobile? I've gone to her blog but it appears it's not been updated that much so couldn't find any nursery posts.

Elodie's Not-Pink Nursery My Room
10/28/13 07:05 PM

^^ you guys are hilarious!!

There's this amazing concept, where you explain a safety issue to your child and tell them these things called rules. If your children can't follow basic rules around safety, well...

Love this idea, and surprised how light it is in the cubby!

A Top-of-the-Stairs Kid Hideaway
9/3/13 03:49 PM

Under my bed. Yes, it's not as convenient as leaving it unfolded and ready to go, but it's a snap to collapse so I much prefer doing that than having it the centrepiece of the living room! My smaller, runabout stroller is kept on the front porch, unchained. I'm moving soon, so who knows what the new setup will be!

Where Do You Keep Your Stroller? Reader Survey
7/16/13 06:34 PM

I never cease to be amused by people who see the title of a post they CLEARLY won't be interested in, click on it and then comment to say they don't like the post. It's not like you were duped and this post was called "A bunch of great throw pillows". Don't click on it if you don't care!!!

Some of my name picks for my bub are on here and I actually love Wilfie (assume it's short for Wilfred?). Seeing/not seeing them here doesn't make me second guess any of my picks!

Stylish Names for Stylish Families: 100 Baby Name Ideas from Apartment Therapy
7/15/13 08:07 PM

Oh, go away. There's always one.

Do you think she's plugged it into a potato? She's clearly just unpacked the bag.

I loved this idea when I read it, and it really could be used in so many different situations. As said on the original post, the bags were brought out when her daughter was particularly sad or missing her parents.

Traveling Without the Kids: Activity Bags ohdeardrea
7/2/13 06:09 PM

"But even if you're not planning a trip away from your little one, it could be a fun idea for summer vacation, for keeping a toddler entertained after having a new baby, or even just for a rainy day."

You do read the article right?

Traveling Without the Kids: Activity Bags ohdeardrea
7/2/13 06:06 PM

Skulls don't have ears! Biology 101? It's an ox's head, not a skull and either way Asher's mum actually states that he loves looking at it, so why suggest removing it???

This is a lovely room, and nice to see rooms that succeed despite limitations. Lucky Asher :)

Asher's Paul Bunyan-Inspired Nursery My Room
7/1/13 09:02 PM

Sounds like a faulty one to me, definitely not the norm. None of mine have problems, one even held two not petite adults once and the combined weight would've been about 330 pounds.

Find the Furniture: The IKEA Bekvam Stool
6/27/13 08:32 AM

Not your child, not your problem, not your business.

How to be a Great Neighbor to the Mom Next Door
6/3/13 06:39 PM