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Does anyone know where the print is from in the first picture?

Modern Classics: The Noguchi Coffee Table
9/27/12 05:46 PM

Where is your front door?

Claire's Unique Space Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 08:54 PM

Honestly I do not understand why AT readers need to knit-pick about one aspect of a project so much. So what if the shades are more playful than you would like in your bedroom, the point is that this poster took something old and made it functional again. By acting this way you are discouraging others from posting their projects, defeating the purpose of AT. Be nice and learn from your mistakes.

Before & After: Mismatched Thrift Store Lamps Get a Hip New LookVintage Revivals
3/23/12 09:29 PM

Pi, Yes I have used the Ikea under cabinet lights, I used the individual ones not the ones that come on a strip. I really liked the ones we got and I was totally thrilled to have 6 lights that I could control with one switch. We have been using them for almost a year with no problems. My advice,buy one strip, and try it out. You know there will be more where that came from.

Go For It! Change the Lighting Renters Solutions
3/20/12 12:08 PM