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I lived in Bucerias for about 4 months in 2005. It is about a 40 min. bus ride north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. It is a quiet town that is split between ex-pats and Mexicans.

I rented an apartment throuugh Check it out, there are several places listed there throughout several price ranges. There is awesome food there and the people are great. It is close to a touristy area but if you and your group don't speak Spanish it is a great place to go for it's easy access and proximity to Puerto Vallarta. There are usually kite surfers to watch on the beach in Bucerias and there are small pubs with cheap, cold bear!

It is a short bus ride from Sayulita which is also a great place. More of a young, alternative vibe there but very unique.

Let me know if you want any more info on the Bucerias area!

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8/26/08 11:20 AM

I can't recommend a breed but I will highly recommend a book.

P.S. I have 2 chihuahuas in my studio. They are tiny but are very high energy. So there goes any size theory!

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8/22/08 10:55 AM

I didn't think I was too bad at hanging on to things until I moved this weekend. My mom and husband ganged up on me and made me de-clutter. Although I fought it, it is now quite liberating! (Although I really would have liked to keep my VCR!)

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8/22/08 07:12 AM

We are booked in at the MGM Signature for the end of August. It consists of three towers on the MGM property. It is rated high on review sites such as Trip Advisor. This link will take you to traveler pics:

The towers do not have casinos so I am hoping that the hotel will feel nice and relaxing!

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8/6/08 06:44 AM

There is a better quality photo on the ikea website!

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7/28/08 01:51 PM

I remember travelling to the US as a kid (from Canada) and being very suprised when an iced tea arrived at the table in a diner. It had no sugar!

Here is a recipe from Ina Garten for an iced tea that she makes sweetened with apple juice.,,FOOD_9936_27661,00.html

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5/29/08 07:42 AM