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Hi Andrea,
Definitely go in for a day bed with lots of cushions.

As far as the placement goes, I'd place it facing the closet with a sofa table behind it.
This way you have a place to put down yourr keys etc when you walk in. It could also be a couple of shoe cabinets instead of a sofa table. If you sandwich a fold-able screen between the table/cabinet and the daybed you would create a foyer like space.Depending on the space you can go for one or more arm chairs. A fold-able table near the stove will add counter space, a dining nook and a work space all in one.
As for furniture

Go in for a ornate looking daybed I love this one from westelm http://www.westelm.com/products/window-daybed-g093/?pkey=e|daybed|4|best|0|1|24||1&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-

For armchairs these are some cute options http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80100878/ or http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60103180/

The foldable Table could be http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10125113/

Shoe cabinets

For more idea on room dividers

Add lots of color and fabrics really soften the space.

Do put up some after pictures
All the best

Where To Put Bed in Studio Apartment?
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10/11/11 01:04 PM

Well The floor plan had a lot of potential. I am not sure on how you want to renovate or what is your budget, but i chose to dream for you Jennifer with money no limit ;)

I modified the plan as http://www.flickr.com/photos/rashminvijay/5839313544/

I agree with the folk who say knock off the closets and use that as a hallway to get to your master.

I would also recommend that you wall off the laundry area and use that as a closet for the (11'9 X 8 ) bedroom . Change the entry into this bedroom. Make it from the Hallway created by knocking off the Closets.

Once you do this there is a place outside the common bath which can be used as laundry. It could be open or enclosed in a closet.

If needed some area can be shaved off the bedroom . Change the entry into this bedroom. Make it from the Hallway created by knocking off the Closets.

Once you do this there is a place outside the common bath which can be used as laundry. It could be open or enclosed in a closet.

If needed some area can be shaved off the (11'9 X 8 ) bedroom to widen the Hallway.

This would mean that the 10'7 X 11'5 bedroom has no closets . You would need to use standalone closets. It would be ideal if you can knock off this bedroom and create a large L shaped space enough to get a huge dining area, kitchen and living space.

However if that is not possible then you will have to use a thin skinny table for dining purposes. It would help if it expands with leaves so that you can entertain when you have company.

In any case you should modify the kitchen.
Move the sink more towards the window. Knock off the pantry space at the end of the counter and place the refrigerator there. Now build a pantry/storage adjacent to the refrigerator. Build a counter on the opposite side for the stove. This way you have space while cooking. If you can reduce the height of the window to counter height then your counter can extend till the end of the window.
Hope that helps.
Do send us the during and after after pictures of what you decide to change. best of luck

Recommend Ways To Maximize Awkward Floor Plan?
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6/16/11 09:04 AM

what would make it look better if it were all of the same size. Start by removing the adjustable shelves at the lower part of the system.
Also, you could cut out foam boards that fit the size of each of the cubbies. Re-cover them with colorful paper. Now this can be used as a mat for pictures. The shelves and the verticals would mimic frames. Based on the picture you put up, you can arrange a small vignette. Not in all shelves, but a few. Some can have books etc.
This would create and effect similar to http://images.younghouselove.com.s3.amazonaws.com/2011/03/prog-din-room-office.jpg
and by using colored paper you can get a look similar to this http://images.younghouselove.com.s3.amazonaws.com/2011/03/living-room-detail-prog.jpg

You could also put up cork boards and pin up pictures and messages

All the best
Hyderabad , India

What To Do With Large Built In Shelves?
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4/20/11 09:24 AM

Check out this link on how to camouflage tall slanted ceilings

How To Decorate Large Living Room Wall?
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2/11/11 10:03 AM

I think you should paint the fireplace a nice nuteral color.. consider grey. The slanted ceiling is a problem... have you considered painting the walls? you should paint all the walls in two colors horizontally, white from the ceiling till you find a level parallel to the floor. this will camouflage the slanted ceiling and will draw your eye only to the lower painted level.

You should do what has been suggested by others about the fireplace. Mount the Tv above the fireplace.

Hope this helps

How To Decorate Large Living Room Wall?
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2/11/11 09:58 AM

The bed is Big.. and the same bed in another room might have looked OPULENT and Resplendent!

The problem you face are many ...
But the solutions are also as many as the problems

1) BED: Its big and its very dark...
Paint it white or an creme. The Fabric of the tufting should also be changed .

2) BEDDING : Plain colors .. with a nice pop of color

3) i know you mentioned not being able to move the bed .. But could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TRY to move it to the the green wall ?
I would recommend that you move it to the wall even before you think of making changes to be bed itself. Moving it away from the windows will help to change the ook of the room

4) Curtains... actually why do you want curtains? cant you think of reed blinds? they would lend a great organic quality to the windows


5) the bed side lamps need to be a little bit traditional



6) Cornice : on the ceiling would complete the room

Hope it helps

How To Style A Grandiose Bed?
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1/31/11 10:44 AM

There is a lot you can do...But first.. COLOR and DRAMA

I have two ideas one a simpleton.. the other .. a drama queen idea

1) the simpler one...Hang curtains to create a tall headboard add table lamps and a runner on the bed .

2) The Drama queen idea...

Think four poster bed.. No pls don't go out and buy a new bed.. just create the look of one by hanging drapes like this pic


Here the four corners have a thick drape and the window has a sheer curtain.

Then for bed side lamps hand the lamps from the ceiling on both sides of the bed over the table

if you want more drama.. wallpaper the wall behind the tables and then hang mirrors on the wall just behind the shade .

This will give you more space on the table top

hope this helps .. i will look up ideas for wallpaper and drapes .

PS: I don't remember the site from which i got the picture from.

How To Embrace Window Behind Bed?
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1/27/11 08:30 AM