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Refinishing an MCM DresserThe Weathered Door

12/30/12 01:55 PM

take a picture of your weird friend smooshed up against some glass then blow it up to life size and cut it to fit in the door. every time someone opens it they'll be all "wtf?" and you'll be all "yeah, that happened."

Ideas for Unusually Shaped Kitchen Cupboard? Good Questions
11/20/12 08:04 PM

I like the idea of inflatable chairs. They're plastic so bedbugs can't infest them right?

Getting Comfy in a Dorm That Doesn't Allow Furniture? Good Questions
9/8/12 12:01 PM

The neighborhood I grew up in as a kid was fantastic. The guys who lived next door to us had a wheeled fire pit and would put it on the curb and people would start pulling up chairs and bringing out food like homemade salsa and sushi rolls to share with everyone. There were always guitars passed around to adults and kids alike and Fleetwood Mac was sung. And once they got a projector it was all over. They would play movies for us kids by tying a sheet between two trees in the front yard. One year they gave us goody bags for Rocky Horror Picture Show and taught us all of the audience participation parts. It was amazing.

My Best Neighbor Ever
9/6/12 11:42 AM

I assume it's still not marketable but the great thing about it is to know that something like this is possible

Casulo's Furnished Room in a Box
7/24/12 03:17 AM

I think part of it is just saying "hey I exist!" It's proof that other people recognize your life.

Over-Sharing and Over-Caring: Decorating Our Homes in the Digital Age
7/12/12 10:58 PM

I hate to be negative, but sometimes I feel like these "What should I do?" posts are really just a way for people to show off their homes and look for compliments. That shower curtain is amazing, and the paint job you've done on the cabinets looks great with the wall color. With all of this attention to the design, you really don't have one or two places in mind to put a bathroom towel holder?

Suggestions for Shape & Placement of Bathroom Hand Towel Holder? Good Questions
6/3/12 09:07 PM

I agree with PVPR and OWLGIRLO , there's just something not quite right about it. I can see that it was in need of saving for sure, but the way it was done... Where PVPR used classy, I would say classic. This piece is a classic and taking it somewhere different (shabby chic) is just not what this piece is supposed to be.

Before & After: Rescuing a Battered Buffet Uniquely Yours...Or Mine!
4/27/12 10:05 PM

@OJANET , completely agree! This is not a good idea with the paint on top of plastic, you're just waiting for a fire to start.

Upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs Into Tealights Taylor Made
4/27/12 09:04 PM

I found this to be great advice for designing your home. Inviting, not jarring, not minimalist, but not so punchy with colors and accents that you don't know where to look. I'm a serial bright-colorist with accents spanning the rainbow and the in-between colors. This made me think a bit about texture over color, and the general feel over the still life on one table out of 3 or shelf out of 5. I'll probably remember this guy now... good interview!

Designers on Design: Jeff Andrews
4/27/12 08:50 PM

not my style, but very well executed!!!

Brenda's Curiosity Shop Small Cool Contest
4/27/12 08:34 PM

you could put the plates vertical inside the shelves too for horizontal building!

IKEA Expedit as LEGO Playhouse IKEA Hackers
4/27/12 08:26 PM


Liz & Paul's Strong Character Small Cool Contest
4/27/12 08:15 PM

All that and a fireplace too? I'm jealous of your nooks.

Kathleen's Gargoyle Nest Small Cool Contest
4/27/12 08:06 PM

i could live there!

Olivia's Basement Flat Small Cool Contest
4/27/12 07:56 PM

If you have a huge collection, why not use some safe paper adhesive to apply them to a large piece of plywood or canvas? It could be a huge piece of wall art to go behind a couch or something. As long as you seal it of course.

Creative Non-Cheesey Ticket Stub Display? Good Questions
4/27/12 07:51 PM

I'd get a quote from a couple of different places and see who comes up with the best price. Why not? It's a big job. And durable, long lasting fabric is a must, nothing light to show stains you can't get out.

Worth the Cost to Recover Vintage Chairs? Good Questions
4/27/12 07:48 PM

looks like a hotel

Fran's Beautiful Structure Small Cool Contest
4/27/12 07:35 PM

i can still sing the david the gnome theme song all the way through. and i have a bedazzled gnome my best friend gave me in the 8th grade named mortimer. he's kind of a diva and has a pet hippo.

Gnome Sweet Gnome: The Best of Gnome Decor
9/5/11 11:57 PM

I feel like i should read this, I haven't lived in any place more than a year since I started college. Lived in three cities since college and I'm only 23! And I just keep going!

Book Review: Life Would Be Perfect if I Lived in that House
8/26/11 01:50 AM