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I saw the solution to an air conditioner in the wall like yours just the other day. They put a built in around it and made it look great. Sounds fishy, but it looked really good.

Go to, look for full episodes online, and watch the episode called 'Moving on Up' from the tv show "For Rent." Or just skip to the end of it.

The a/c was in the wall in an odd place but the designer completely solved it. And it actually looks good!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your house. Thank you for sharing it!

Cate's Modern Vintage Kit House
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3/22/11 08:24 PM

What is written at the top of the gold mirror?

Love love LOVE this by the way.

Louisa Makes the Most of 400 Square Feet
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3/22/11 07:56 PM

The perfect desk, for me, is actually two desks. One for tech and one for paper. Both with copious sized tops, at least 5 feet long. I write, cut, create, paste, and draw, so I need a paper dedicated worktop. I also need a place my computer lives with all it's wiry gadget friends so it doesn't get hauled around. The answer is two desks, back to back with the roller chair coasting between them.

When is a Desk Considered "Perfect"?
1/26/11 06:48 PM